Add some wow-factor to your business events

18 Mar 2019 Events

Add some wow-factor to your business events

In an earlier blog, we looked at what you need to do to get the basics right when planning corporate events. So, now you have a strategy in place, it’s time to make it happen. And that includes adding some bells and whistles to make sure your event really delivers!

Here are some tips to ensure that your event is memorable for all the right reasons.

Develop an event content strategy

Creating an event content strategy takes time. You have to think about themes, identify what type of content you need, generate this collateral, and promote it to your audience. So it’s vital that you don’t leave this to the last minute.

Find out more about how to create a winning event content strategy

Creating an event content strategy

Creating an event content strategy matters

Find the right speakers

Speakers, guests and hosts can add real value to your events and positively inspire your audience. For example, you might use:

  • Celebrities for stunning award ceremonies
  • Business leaders for corporate and commercial seminars and conferences
  • Experts to help get your employees ready for change and innovation.

Once you have found the right speakers, be sure to let them know what subjects you want covered, how long they will need to speak for, and what kind of communication style they need to bring to the event (e.g. plenary up-front, group facilitation, interactive Q&A, video supported etc.).

The 2016 Elior Awards and Conference

Find out more about our network of guest speakers and professional hosts for your corporate events.

Put entertainment in place

The one thing guaranteed to make your event turn into a snooze-fest is boredom. So investing in suitable entertainment is a must.

Apex has extensive experience when it comes to large-scale productions for entertainment, major conferences, gala dinners and staff open days. We also have a network of performers, hosts and talent. Helping to impress your guests and adding that all-important wow factor to your event.

Elior Awards – Sound of the 70s

Take advantage of sponsorship opportunities

There are a number of ways of attracting event sponsorship. And this includes selling everything from naming rights to exhibition space. What's more, this can generate valuable income to cover your event costs.

Find out more about our sponsorship management service.

Put a disaster plan in place

Live events are ‘predictably unpredictable.' Which in short, means that if it can go wrong, then at some point it probably will. All kinds of challenges, from minor niggles to full-blown disasters are lurking around the corner to trip up even the most seasoned event management professional. And, few things are more cringe-worthy than a well-planned event that suddenly unravels in front of a venue full of delegates and VIPs.

Check out five key tactics for problem-solving and disaster prevention.

Top tips for disaster prevention at corporate events

Use production to wow your guests

When it comes to events, quirky tech is always an attention grabber. However, it’s not about technology for technology sake. Everything you do should relate back to your objectives. Music, video and light can create a real spectacle. You can even use cutting-edge technology such as augmented reality and holograms to add additional wow-factor and give your audience something to talk about.

Events Organisers UK

Find out more about our AV and production services.

Event Planning Checklist

We know that you want to create successful corporate events that will be talked about for years to come (for all the right reasons). But how can you make sure that poor planning doesn’t let you down on the day?

Brought to you from the experts at Apex, our handy checklist will help you to reach your event goals and achieve a truly positive experience.

In this event planning checklist for event profs

  • Planning the event. Establish your event goals, choose a venue and set your agenda
  • Organising the event. Finalise all the details and add some magic
  • Promoting the event.  Create and launch a winning publicity campaign
  • Hosting the event. Entertain, inspire and inform
  • Promotion. Attract and retain visitors ahead of your competitors
  • After the event. Capitalise on your event presence, long after it is over.


At Apex, we create and deliver objective focused corporate events that look fantastic. With 30 years' experience in this area, our philosophy is based on exceptional service, expertise and innovative solutions. Contact us today on +44 (0)1625 429370 or email [email protected] to find out more or for an exploratory conversation.

Paul Ashford

Paul Ashford is a founding director of and has over 25 years’ experience in live events and conferencing. He has a particular interest in creative communication and team dynamics and advises Apex’ clients on how to build teams and convey their key messages in visually stimulating and effective formats.