Apex launches new immersive gastronomic pharma event experience

8 May 2019 Pharma Ideas & Insights
Apex launches new immersive gastronomic pharma event experience

Apex launches new immersive gastronomic pharma event experience

Apex is a specialist pharmaceutical conference and event management company.  The business has launched the ultimate immersive gastronomic experience in the UK and global events market.

This experience is made possible due to the Lumentium TableMapper. TableMapper is the world’s only patented portable lamp-projector. By combining this ingenious technology with haute cuisine, guests will enjoy food and virtual environments in total sync.

Lumentium in partnership with Apex

Apex has signed an exclusive deal to become the sole representative of the Lumentium TableMapper in the UK. Apex will offer the service under the Lumentium name. The business will bring this unique experience to pharmaceutical customers based in the UK, and across the globe.

Commenting on the launch of the ‘Lumentium experience’ in the UK market, Apex Event Director Paul Ashford said: “With the TableMapper, innovative video mapping technology is used to ‘paint with light’. And create stunning and highly engaging occasions. But it’s not just about tech. By integrating this equipment into events, we create captivating virtual environments. So guests enjoy a truly original experience.

“People can rocket into space, journey across the continents, or dive under the ocean in an exclusive gastronomic projection show. And, as well as watching one of the best visual displays they will ever see  - with stunning projections and ingenious 3D imagery –  the smell and taste of some of the best worldwide cuisine is designed to work in perfect harmony with the spectacle. Guests can also listen as our hostess introduces their journey and guides diners through a truly unique gastronomic event.”

The Lumentium experience, in partnership with Apex.co.uk, is suitable for corporate extravaganzas, stunning dinners, special occasions and more.

A complete pharma event package

Services included in Apex’s Lumentium package include venue finding, catering, agenda setting, AV and production, and stage management.

A specialist supplier to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, Apex has worked in the event industry for over 30 years. As such, the team will use all its skills to bring everything together flawlessly. Apex also works in partnership with other event and marketing agencies to deliver the Lumentium experience.

Expertly crafted to draw the eye, the Lumentium experience includes 3D customisable content. So customers can add their company logo, key messages or something a little more personal. Customers can also choose from an existing library of phenomenal destinations. Or they can work with Apex to create something truly bespoke. For example, a personalised shows unique to their needs.

The Lumentium table mapping system can be installed in venues with a minimum ceiling height of 3.5m. It is easy to transport and install in venues within the UK and internationally.

Ashford added: “Event and marketing professionals in the pharma sector understand the power of experience. They know that to stand out from the crowd, they must find ways to construct compelling, multi-sensory events. Events that evoke genuine emotions. Lumentium achieves these objectives and more. We believe that Lumentium brings something truly unique to the events market. We are delighted to be able to offer this to our pharmaceutical clients.”

To allow customers to experience this exceptional technology first-hand, Apex is creating a Lumentium UK showroom. Customers who want to find out more about Lumentium can book a live demonstration at lumentium.co.uk.

Demos are available by appointment only.

Paul Ashford

Paul Ashford is a founding director of Apex.co.uk and has over 25 years’ experience in live events and conferencing. He has a particular interest in creative communication and team dynamics and advises Apex’ clients on how to build teams and convey their key messages in visually stimulating and effective formats.