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How to use live streaming at your corporate events

How to use live streaming at your corporate events

Live streaming has become the norm for big events like sporting competitions or concerts – giving those who are not able to attend the chance to enjoy the occasion online. But it’s not just massive consumer events that can benefit from this tech. Organisations of all shapes and sizes can also use it to boost […]

18 Feb 2019 Events
The importance of relationships when creating great events

The importance of relationships when creating great events

At Apex, we think a lot about what it takes to create winning corporate events. But we couldn’t do it alone. To ensure our events stand out for all the right reasons, and that they deliver against our clients’ objectives, the relationships that we have with these clients (and our suppliers) are crucial. We are […]

28 Jan 2019 Events
What is the secret to a great event?

What is the secret to a great event?

Whether you’re organising a conference, workshop or roadshow, an award ceremony or a teambuilding event, here are some top tips from the event organisers at Apex to make sure you pull it off in style. Plan for success Regardless of the type of event you are organising, you should always start with a plan. Consider […]

29 Aug 2018 Events
Does your business need a digital transformation innovation day?

Does your business need a digital transformation innovation day?

In our online world, digital transformation is a hot topic. Not least because it is becoming necessary for all businesses – from the small to the enterprise. But digital transformation is more than just a buzzword. And it’s not just about tech. What is digital transformation? Yes, digital transformation is about using technology to ensure […]

21 Aug 2018 Events

How to create award ceremonies that sparkle

The traditional award ceremony has never gone out of fashion. There is a reason that the Oscars haven’t changed much since 1929. However, that first show saw just saw 270 people attend the event, and the presentation ceremony lasted just 15 minutes. And today, while it might look glamorous watching from afar, with a ceremony […]

16 Jul 2018 Events
How to get people to come to events

RSVP? How to get people to come to your events

When you’ve put your heart and soul into creating an event, it can be demoralising if people don’t show up to appreciate it. Not to mention a poor return on your investment. But, when it comes to creating show-stopping corporate events, what you do on the day is only half the battle. And, getting people […]

18 Jun 2018 Events
Is the traditional conference dead?

Is the traditional conference dead?

Modern event planners organise all kinds of events. And, one of the most trusted in our armoury is the conference. Used to impart information and help attendees learn new skills, historically the conference format has followed the same arrangement; with delegates seated in an auditorium, speakers presenting hour-long keynotes (sometimes with a Q&A at the […]

11 Jun 2018 Events

Boost your business with wellbeing at work events

With demanding workloads and long hours, the number of people suffering from stress is on the rise, and this can take its toll on a business. But, the healthier employees are – both mentally and physically – the less likely it is that they will need time off work. So, it is no surprise that […]

1 May 2018 Events

Should you introduce sporting events at work?

Team building has long been used to persuade, educate, motivate, and inspire staff. And, over the decades, we’ve organised a wide range of sporting events at work. So we’ve seen plenty of trends come and go (firewalking anyone?). But regardless of what else has changed, sport has always proved popular with managers and employees alike. And, […]

22 Jan 2018 Events
Improving ROI at live events with apex.co.uk

Live events set to be the single most effective marketing channel in 2018

In 2018, businesses are looking at the new and emerging technologies they can exploit to support their marketing strategies. And, in amongst tools like AI, augmented reality and voice-optimised content, live events will be one of the most important trends over the next 12 months. But it’s not about giving a nod to nostalgia while […]

14 Dec 2017 Events
Apex Event Management and Exhibition Stands

Apex Event Management and Exhibition Stands