Elior Awards starring Gary Lineker. Event Management by Apex.

Elior Awards and Conference, starring Gary Lineker

In March 2017, contract caterer Elior hosted its esteemed annual awards ceremony and management conference. As a long-standing client, Elior once again turned to Apex to ensure this celebration of employee and company achievements was a resounding success.

15 Mar 2017 Events
Event Management Trends 2018

5 event trends you should know about

At Apex, we are always looking forward to predict what will become THE NEXT BIG THING in the world of event management. Of course, without a crystal ball (or time-machine), none of us knows just what’s around the corner. But, with a little foresight and years of expertise in this fast-moving industry, we have what it […]

18 Nov 2016 Exhibitions
Team building for businesses. Does it really work?

Does teambuilding really work?

What do you think when you hear the word teambuilding? Do you see people crashing about in 4×4 off-road vehicles, or abseiling down a vertigo-inducing cliff? Or perhaps something more gentle, like building the Eiffel Tower out of newspaper and string? The truth is, for many people, teambuilding generates a feeling of dread. Fear that […]

17 Nov 2016 Events
Four Seasons Roadshow 2016. Event management by Apex.

Four Seasons Healthcare Roadshow, 2016

Four Seasons Healthcare has over 300 care homes across the UK; each one specialising in providing safe, high-quality care for residents. Following a challenging year for the social care industry, in 2016 Four Seasons invested in a roadshow to deliver key messages about the previous 12 months; reassuring, motivating, and informing employees, while providing a […]

15 Nov 2016 Pharma Ideas & Insights
Healthcare Business International 2016. Event Management by Apex.

Healthcare Business International, 2016

In April 2016, the Healthcare Business International (HBI) conference took place at the Royal College of Physicians, London. Delegates met to discuss the international private healthcare services industry, and how operators are breaking national borders and silos. Covering territories in Europe and emerging markets from Latin America to East Asia, this year, for the first […]

15 Nov 2016 Pharma Ideas & Insights
Top tips for disaster prevention at corporate events

Avoid event planning nightmares. 5 tactics for disaster prevention

Live events are ‘predictably unpredictable.’ Which in short, means that if it can go wrong, then at some point it probably will. All kinds of challenges, from minor niggles to full-blown disasters are lurking around the corner to trip up even the most seasoned event management professional. And, few things are more cringe-worthy than a […]

14 Sep 2016 Events
Rio Paralympics Event Management

What can event planners learn from the Rio Paralympics?

This week, the 2016 Summer Paralympics kicked off in Rio. While we hope the Games will be a resounding success for Team GB, the run-up to the event has not been without controversy. With a leading figure in the Paralympic movement now calling for an inquiry into “unacceptable Rio failures”, just what went wrong? And, […]

8 Sep 2016 Events
Pokemon Go and Events

Pokémon GO. Should event profs embrace the craze?

If you haven’t yet heard about Pokémon GO then you are probably living under a rock. A lovely peaceful rock it may be, particularly if you feel the same way as this guy. But, love it or hate it, the cultural tsunami that is Pokémon GO is so powerful that the Guardian has written an […]

14 Aug 2016 Exhibitions
Elior Roadshow 2016. Event Management by Apex.

Elior Roadshow 2016

Having worked successfully with Elior on a number of events over many years, Apex was trusted to make sure the event ran smoothly and on time. And, with 25 years’ event management experience under our belt, this is something we do very well.

3 Aug 2016 Events
BevExpo 2016. Event Management by Apex.

Bev Expo 2016

BevExpo2016 started with ambitious plans to bring back a UK based industry exhibition and seminar programme for the brewing supply chain. Having not been done for years, the client (incorporating Cellar to Seller and BrewEx) approached Apex to find out if we could make it happen for them.

15 Jul 2016 Events