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A tradeshow checklist for exhibitors

A tradeshow checklist for exhibitors

If you want to make a big impact and put the competition in the shade, you’ll need an exhibition stand that has the elusive wow factor. But how can you make sure that poor planning doesn’t let you down on the day? Brought to you from the experts at Apex, our handy checklist ensures your […]

1 Oct 2018 Exhibitions
How can your exhibition stand help you win customers

A Guide to Effective Exhibiting

Diminishing budgets, the need to demonstrate ROI, and meet wider business objectives mean that when it comes to exhibitions and trade shows, status-quo planning is no longer an option. Instead, exhibition professionals must measure the success of each and every event, each and every year. At Apex, we understand the immense effort that goes into […]

8 Feb 2017 Exhibitions