What does the future of event technology look like?

Is this the future of exhibition and event tech?

When it comes to exhibitions and events, quirky tech is always an attention grabber. Taking a look at some new and emerging technology, we consider what the future of event tech might look like. And what is already available to help you to engage and involve attendees at your next event. 1. Augmented and Virtual […]

3 Jun 2016 Exhibitions
Exhibition Stand News from Apex

The Effective Exhibitor – June 2016

With summer fast approaching, we've been developing a bank of resources for busy event profs. These resources are regularly added to our website, and you can keep up-to-date by following us on social media. We've also included some select articles and case studies in this newsletter, including some top social media tips, and a look at [...]
3 Jun 2016 Exhibitions
A bespoke exhibition stand for Fresca Group

Bespoke Exhibition Stand for Fresca at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2016

Apex discussed and produced a highly impactful, visually engaging double deck exhibition stand with modular space and hospitality. This approach met Fresca’s brief and objectives within a limited floor space.

17 Apr 2016 Exhibitions
Client Logic Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design.

Engaging Exhibition Stand for ClientLogic at the Call Centre Expo

The objective of the exhibition stand was to highlight the key partnerships between the client and their numerous high profile customers.

16 Apr 2016 Exhibitions
Rigmar by Apex Exhibition Stand Designers

Collaborative Exhibition Stand for Rigmar Group at Subsea Expo 2015

Rigmar Group is an international oil & gas service company. Rigmar provides project solutions to the subsea industry, including fabrication and marine services. The company HQ is based in Aberdeen, with operational hubs in Dundee and Invergordon. Apex was invited by White Wolf Collective – Rigmar’s marketing agency – to provide three potential stand designs […]

14 Apr 2016 Exhibitions
Bespoke exhibition stand for Implant Direct

Implant Direct – Europerio

The client was looking for a booth builder to assist with their presence at the Europerio Congress, which has established itself as the world’s leading conference in periodontology and implant dentistry. Innovative features were requested to help the stand capture the eye and spark conversations.

14 Apr 2016 Pharma Ideas & Insights
LDL Custom Exhibition Stand Design

A sleek exhibition stand for LDL

LDL Ltd is a leading furniture components distributor to the kitchen trade. This was their first exhibition stand at KBB. The brief was to launch a range of new branded products, together with a recently developed fully interactive website aimed at allowing kitchen retailers to add value to their products.

9 Apr 2016 Exhibitions
ViiV Healthcare Exhibition Stand Design

Bespoke Stand design for ViiV Healthcare at IAS

ViiV healthcare was established as a unique company to deliver advances in treatment and care for HIV communities. They are a small and nimble company and this was to be reflected in the stand design. The show activities needed to maximize stand traffic, allowing the staff to engage and communicate with customers and communicate the […]

9 Apr 2016 Pharma Ideas & Insights
Using social media at events

Is the event industry just paying social media lip service?

There’s lots of pontificating about how great social media is when it comes to events. But the truth is, social media is drastically underused, and, in many cases incorrectly managed. However, with event planners increasingly expected to do more with less, and technology delivering more and more business benefits, social media should be a key […]

7 Apr 2016 Exhibitions
Can you create a great exhibition stand on a sensible budget?

Creative exhibiting, sensible budget – let’s learn from LEGO

While LEGO launched with a variety of colours, in the late 1950s something strange happened. These colours all but disappeared, and for many years, there were only two kinds of LEGO brick – red ones and white ones. True, there were various sizes and shapes, so you could build lots of different stuff (and there […]

1 Apr 2016 Exhibitions