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How to shake things up when planning a business event

How to shake things up when planning a business event

Despite this, time after time, organisations think they can get away with using the same old event format. But take it from us, if you don’t inspire, inform or challenge your attendees, any money spent on creating an event is going to end up wasted. People value their time, and they don’t react well if […]

30 Jul 2019 Lumentium Blogs
Corporate event food. How to get it right

Corporate event food. How to get it right

Tips on how to create the best event food Consider how you want people to feel When creating an event, one of the first things any event professional should establish is how they want attendees to feel. Do you want them to be relaxed and comfortable, or inspired and excited? Once you know this, you […]

10 Jul 2019 Lumentium Blogs
What is event projection mapping

What is event projection mapping?

Projection mapping is also known as video mapping, table mapping, spatial augmented reality, and 3D mapping. And, over the years, it has been used not only for advertising and decoration but also at concerts and the theatre. Basically, anywhere where real impact is needed. How is projection mapping used? Projection mapping will create one of […]

20 Jun 2019 Lumentium Blogs
Table & Video Mapping FAQs

Video Mapping FAQs: What do you need to know?

What is video mapping? Video mapping uses projectors to create amazing visual displays on a static surface. This manipulation of light turns these everyday objects (e.g. tables, buildings etc.) into interactive, 3D displays. Find out more about video mapping. How is Apex using video mapping in its events? We are delivering an elite gourmet experience […]

14 Jun 2019 Lumentium Blogs
What is table mapping technology?

What is table mapping and why should you incorporate it into your events?

Video table mapping technology manipulates light to turn everyday objects into interactive, 3D displays. The images can be simple effects or elaborate projections. Ultimately, by ‘painting with light’, video mapping creates a stunning and highly engaging event experience. With table mapping technology you can turn surfaces into casino tables and undersea worlds, take part in […]

8 May 2019 Lumentium Blogs