How to add some magic to your pharma exhibition stand design

5 Feb 2019 Pharma Ideas & Insights
How to add some magic to your pharma exhibition stand design

How to add some magic to your pharma exhibition stand design

Buying the right exhibition stand system and making it look good isn’t enough to make sure your pharmaceutical tradeshow presence is maximised. You’ll also need to add some magic.

Is your pharma exhibition stand a conversation starter?

All too often, organisations think that merely showing up with a good looking stand and waiting for people to come to them is all it takes. And that’s why some exhibitors fail. To stand out from the crowd, your pharma exhibition stand has to reach out and appeal to attendees in new and absorbing ways.

To attract footfall to your booth we use colour, signage and lights to deliver maximum visual impact, to attract the eye, and to draw attendees to you.

But there’s no point in getting people to your exhibition stand if there's no incentive for them to talk to you once there. So, in addition to making sure your display stands out, we also ensure that it is a catalyst for conversations.

Add some whistles and bells to your pharma exhibition stand

The good news is that there is an abundance of technology available to help us help you to achieve your objectives. Here are some examples of tried and tested ‘booth boosters’.

  • Side and backlit graphics
  • iPads
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
  • Touch screen data capture (GDPR compliant)
  • Holograms
  • Facial recognition software, biometrics, and sentiment analysis
  • Gamification
  • Robotics
  • Audience participation tools (e.g. live share content, interactive Q&A, crowd-sourced content etc.)
  • Proximity-based technology
  • Integrated social media
  • Data and advanced event marketing automation.
  • RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology
  • Apps
  • Photo walls
  • Object recognition tables
  • Touchscreen photo booths
  • Large graphic displays, signage and ceiling hung graphics
  • Mobile phone/laptop charging stations
  • Interactive digital signage

Get some top-tips to help make your pharma exhibition stand more successful

20 ways to improve your pharma exhibition stands

Are you compliant?

Of course, for heavily regulated industries such as pharma, there are strict rules that have to be followed. But having an ethical exhibition stand doesn’t mean you have to give up the creativity. We just have to be a bit smarter when it comes to design and promotion. And here again technology can help.

Rather than worrying about how to distribute information within the regulations, it pays to use your exhibition stand as a catalyst for knowledge sharing. For example, you could integrate tablets, dynamic displays, screens and even virtual or augmented reality into your exhibition stand to disseminate information. RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology can also be used to guide visitors around a pharma exhibition stand, creating an interactive and informative journey that enhances their overall experience.

Make sure your pharma exhibition stand supports your business objectives

When it comes to creating a winning show presence, integrating technology into your next exhibition stand design could provide that much-needed return on investment. However, while tech can help exhibitors to provide compelling, multi-sensory experiences for attendees, at Apex we never make our designs reliant on technology alone. Our core stand design still works, even if your budget doesn’t stretch to fancy gadgets and software.

We also have some fantastic non-tech options to help you increase footfall. These include break out areas that use clever seating to encourage people to strike up conversations and tasty food and drink. And it goes without saying that we always work within the parameters of your industry and location.

Crucially, before we do anything, we make sure you understand why you’re attending a particular exhibition in the first place. So, any additions we suggest will always support your tradeshow objectives.

Want more information on how to ensure your tradeshow presence is maximised?

For more information on buying an exhibition stand and making it work for you, our handy checklist will help you to you reach your goals and achieve a truly positive experience.

In this guide you’ll find out more about:

  • Deciding on a scheme. Making sure the system you choose works for your business
  • Putting the basics in place. Ensuring your stand has everything it needs to succeed
  • Whistles and bells. How to add some magic to ensure your stand is a winner. Once you know what you’d like, we’ve also provided a handy way to list the cost of each option so you can make a final decision on where best to add value
  • Energy savings. How to introduce some green initiatives that help your stand to work more efficiently
  • Promotion. Helping you to attract and retain visitors ahead of your competitors
  • Lead capture. How to capitalise on your exhibition presence, long after the show is over.

Download the Apex Tradeshow Checklist for Exhibitors.

A tradeshow checklist for exhibitors

A tradeshow checklist for exhibitors

Why Apex?

Apex is one of the UK’s leading event and exhibition agencies. A specialist supplier to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, we understand your communication goals. And, through creative exhibition stands we help you meet them.

Our Exhibitions team has industry-specific knowledge and work in synergy with each other, and seamlessly with your other approved agencies. We work in all healthcare areas including ethical pharma, OTC and retail products, primary and secondary care communications, R&D and clinical trial events, nursing and NHS commissioning.

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Pete Forse

Pete is the Exhibitions Director here at Apex. He has one clear business objective – to produce memorable exhibition stands that add real value to our customers’ brands. With a background in event production - spanning 30 years in places as far flung as Rio and Manila (and quite often the NEC!) - Pete brings his experience to the task of making exhibition visitors stop and take notice. Like everyone at Apex, he is driven by the excitement of this challenge, and the vision that we can make a long-term difference for our clients. To find out more about how Pete and the Apex team can help you, give us a call on 01625 429370 today!