How to deliver visitor value with your exhibition stand

12 Oct 2018 Exhibitions
deliver visitor value with your exhibition stand

Deliver visitor value with your exhibition stand

There's no substitute for face-to-face meetings. In fact, according to the experts[1], live events are the single most effective marketing channel for most organisations. And it’s not hard to see why. Despite advancements in tech you just can’t beat personal interaction with potential suppliers and customers.

But meetings require a significant level of investment. For example, when attending a tradeshow, visitors will need to consider the cost of entry, travel, hotels and hospitality. Not to mention the cost of any time out of the office. So, to make sure people feel that they are getting good value, it’s vital that you do everything you can to maximise the benefits of their investment, and help attendees feel like attending the show was a worthwhile use of their time.

But how can you achieve that with exhibition stand? Here are our top tips to help you deliver visitor value.

Create a sense of event

We are now living in the “experience economy”. So, you have to put the individual at the heart of everything you do. To stand out from the crowd, your exhibition stand has to reach out and appeal to attendees in new and absorbing ways.

By creating an enhanced audience experience, you won’t just stand out from the rest, you’ll also develop valuable engagement with delegates and ensure that the experience endures past the event itself.

Help people to network

Live events provide attendees with a valuable opportunity to form in-person connections. Despite living in an increasingly digital world the ability to interact with a potential supplier or customer, ‘kick the tyres’ of a product, attend seminars, and see what your competitors are up to on more than a superficial level is still a high-value activity. What’s more it can also have a massive impact on morale and productivity.

Rather than just creating a stand and hoping people make the opportunity to interact with each other, why not create a stand that proactively encourages conversations? This can be as simple as incorporating cleverly designed break out areas into your exhibition space.

Alternatively, you can use clever tech such as gamification and competitions to grab attention, attract footfall, and start relevant conversations (both with your business and between other visitors).

Opinion polls, industry surveys etc. can also be used to start conversations, gather valuable feedback and make visitors feel valued.

Give people value

Before you do anything, make sure you understand why your visitors are likely to be attending a particular exhibition in the first place. What is it they actually want? Once you have figured out what’s likely to be of value to them, you can get on with designing exhibition stand that delivers.  For example, consider educational models that offer the opportunity to translate theory into practice and provide a valuable hands-on learning experience for attendees.

Don’t stop adding value

Finally, once the event is over, be sure to follow-up with relevant content and create future engagement opportunities. Not only will this help attendees to feel like they have got value for money, but they will also be more likely to engage with you at future shows.

With a talented exhibition stand design team behind you – and an awareness of what it takes to achieve a successful exhibition experience – we’ll make your stand work for your business and your visitors.

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Pete Forse

Pete is the Exhibitions Director here at Apex. He has one clear business objective – to produce memorable exhibition stands that add real value to our customers’ brands. With a background in event production - spanning 30 years in places as far flung as Rio and Manila (and quite often the NEC!) - Pete brings his experience to the task of making exhibition visitors stop and take notice. Like everyone at Apex, he is driven by the excitement of this challenge, and the vision that we can make a long-term difference for our clients. To find out more about how Pete and the Apex team can help you, give us a call on 01625 429370 today!