Event planning checklist for eventprofs

Event Planning Checklist
Event Planning Checklist

We know that you want to create successful corporate events that will be talked about for years to come (for all the right reasons). But how can you make sure that poor planning doesn’t let you down on the day?

Brought to you from the experts at Apex, our handy checklist will help you to reach your event goals and achieve a truly positive experience.

In this event planning checklist for event profs

  • Planning the event. Establish your event goals, choose a venue and set your agenda
  • Organising the event. Finalise all the details and add some magic
  • Promoting the event.  Create and launch a winning publicity campaign
  • Hosting the event. Entertain, inspire and inform
  • Promotion. Attract and retain visitors ahead of your competitors
  • After the event. Capitalise on your event presence, long after it is over.


About Apex Events

When it comes to event planning, if you want to do everything yourself there’s no shortage of advice and tools available to help you to do it. And if you have the time, and enthusiasm, you’ll do a fine job. But organising an event is a full-time responsibility.

However, if you get an experienced event planner to help, not only will they do all the legwork, but they will also have the best quality tools, the time, and the wisdom that comes with looking after spectacular events day-in-day-out.

This means they can respond to and solve any unexpected problems that might arise. And even give you advice on how to make your event stand out. So you can relax and enjoy the results while maintaining the overall say in what the event looks like.

Bringing added value to your corporate events

What’s more, the right event management partner can help you to adopt a more strategic approach to your events – from shaping your agenda, to theming and staging, to finding the right messages. As a result, while you might think it’s cheaper to do everything by yourself, expert support could prove invaluable.  Furthermore, an experienced event partner will help you to generate that all-important ROI.

At Apex, we create and deliver objective focused corporate events that look fantastic. With 30 years’ experience in this area, our philosophy is based on exceptional service, expertise and innovative solutions.

We know the journey towards a successful event is seldom straightforward, often stressful, and usually challenging. That’s why our team of account managers, creative designers, organisers and project managers are there to support you and your team. From the initial design and development phase to organisation, set-up, delivery, and beyond.

Contact us today on +44 (0)1625 429370 or email [email protected] to find out more.