Agenda setting and event content strategy

Our event content strategy will ensure you deliver those all-important communications in the right way.

Agenda building and event content strategy

If you want people to attend your events, you have to give them something worth giving up their valuable time for. So, ensuring the right content is crucial when it comes to shaping your agenda. You need to find the right messages to attract and influence your audience.

Using our agenda building tool, which we have developed using our many years of experience, we can ensure you cover the right topics, in the right way. And allocate the right speaker and amount of time to each one. But it doesn't stop there. We can also identify what type of content you need, generate this collateral, and find the best ways to promote it to your attendees.

Ultimately, it's about making sure you deliver those all-important communications in a way that informs, impresses, entertains, and motivates.

Find out more about creating an event content strategy. 

Event formatting

Most conferences still follow the traditional plenary + breakout sessions format. However, there are a number of event structures that might serve your audience better. These range from contemporary adaptations of tried and tested styles, to highly innovative and tailored formats that are designed for a specific audience or communications need.

At Apex, we never make any assumptions about what format your event should take. Instead, we start by looking at your event (and its history), your target audience, your business objectives, and your communications culture. Armed with this information we then work with you to re-engineer your conference agenda and format to achieve:

  • Better uptake of invitations
  • Better delegate interaction
  • More effective communication of key messages
  • Better overall feedback and delegate satisfaction.

Event speakers

Over the years we have developed a network of contacts that allows us to source a broad range of professional hosts and speakers for your corporate events. With someone suitable to talk about virtually any topic you can think of. This includes:

  • Motivational experts
  • TV personalities and entertainers
  • Knowledge experts in a chosen field
  • Professional hosts and moderators
  • Interviewers and news presenters.

With an eye on your bottom line, we can provide you with guidance on the most appropriate presenters and hosts within your budget. And we ensure that your guest speakers are both inspiring and topic experts. Find out more.