Badging and reception staff

Personalised identification badges for conferences and exhibitions

We supply and print a wide range of badges with pins or lanyards, branded with your logo or design, and generated directly off our database of delegates. If you require delegate registration and badges as a stand-alone service, we are happy to post them to you the day before your event.

A unique opportunity

Name badges are one of the most visible sponsorships opportunities available at conferences and other events; with the unique opportunity to reach every attendee who needs a badge to gain entry. At Apex we can work with you to sell prime advertising space on your badges, generating valuable income to cover your event costs.

Friendly and professional registration staff

When your delegates first arrive, they need to feel welcome and get assistance with any queries they may have. Our registration staff know the importance of first impressions and will make sure your event gets off to the best possible start. After the first wave of arrivals, they will continue to act as a point of reference for delegates and guide people to breakout sessions and catering breaks.

Apex Event Management and Exhibition Stands

Apex Event Management and Exhibition Stands