Sponsorship management

Use event sponsorship and generate valuable income to cover your event costs.

Event sponsorship that generates income to cover your event costs

There are a number of ways of attracting event sponsorship. And this includes selling everything from naming rights to exhibition space. What's more, this can generate valuable income to cover your event costs.

For example, name badges are just one of the many sponsorships opportunities available at conferences and other events. And this approach can help you to reach every attendee who needs a badge to gain entry. At Apex, we work with you to sell prime advertising space on your badges and a range of other sponsorship opportunities.

A partnership approach

Working with specialist sponsorship sales professionals, we advise you on how to put together an attractive prospectus. So we help you to attract the maximum income possible. Furthermore, we will be very honest about your chances of generating sponsorship funds. Not all events offer sponsors what they are looking for, and we won’t be shy about giving you a realistic view.

Turnkey exhibitor management service

If your event has an associated exhibition, we can provide you with a full turnkey exhibitor management service. So, from floor plans to exhibitor guides, together with full health and safety documentation we maximise every opportunity.