Exhibition stand technology

When it comes to exhibitions and events, quirky tech is always an attention grabber

There’s a lot of technology around. At Apex, we guide you through what will work for you. Even with a limited budget.

This includes video, iPads, virtual reality, touch screen data capture, augmented reality, holographics and many other clever features.

However, we never make our designs reliant on technology alone. It will always be in there as an option, but our core stand design always works visually. Even if your budget doesn’t stretch to every latest bit of software.

iPad exhibition stand for ViiV healthcare

GSK exhibition stand design with integrated technology

Here are just some ways you can use exhibition stand technology

Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR)

VR gives brands an ingenious way of engaging with potential customers. And to promote those larger products it just isn’t feasible to transport to tradeshows. And, the better it gets, the more accessible it becomes. So VR is now firmly a part of mainstream exhibitions.


Gamification is being used to help exhibition organisers and attendees meet their objectives. Using intelligent technology and interactive devices, participants are encouraged to achieve event related goals. Be that networking, checking into a certain number of sessions, or engaging with exhibitors. With the latest technology also offering a competitive edge, gamification is taking the collaborative event experience to the next level.

Audience participation

Voting technology is nothing new. In fact, we’ve been using it for some years. But, with engagement the buzzword on everyone’s lips, just because the practice of audience participation is old hat, doesn’t mean it there isn’t new, and richer ways to do it.

The unique perspectives that different attendees bring to events can lead to more creative brainstorming sessions and outcomes. And, today’s technology makes it easier than ever to:

Location technology

Proximity-based technology is being used to engage with customers at events. For example, apps that use GPS data and beacons to send tailored offers and promotions to customers on their smartphones, based on where they are.

Integrated social media

When it comes to social media at exhibitions, so far it has been drastically underused. And, in many cases incorrectly managed. However, if you want to maximise your exhibition presence you must get on board. Find out more about using social media to boost the power of your exhibition stand.

Data and advanced event marketing automation

Data integration and marketing automation is key to successful events. Helping you to maximise engagement and leads it can also help you to communicate with attendees post-event. With state-of-the-art technology making it possible to collect and analyse data from a plethora of sources, at the very least you should ensure that you're using a robust registration platform. One that combines advanced automation and data registration tools. Of course at Apex, our ultra-modern event registration platform does all this and more!

Apex Event Management and Exhibition Stands

Apex Event Management and Exhibition Stands