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Incorporate the very latest tech to attract and impress your visitors

Sometimes a great looking exhibition stand isn’t enough. Since IT and video first started appearing on stands, we have researched and developed many kinds of interactivity and worked with the UK’s best technology companies to offer you a wide range of creative ways to augment your stand and genuinely impress your visitors.

Here’s a flavour of what we do, but we keep our best under wraps until it’s time to talk about your project, so let’s get the conversation going. Drop us a line or call the team, and we’ll pitch you some great ideas.

Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR & VR gives brands an ingenious way of engaging with potential customers, by showing them your products and data in an unlimited virtual environment. It also works to show off larger products it just isn’t feasible to transport to tradeshows. The tech is developing all the time and the results can be stunning.


Using intelligent technology and interactive devices visitors can test their knowledge, achieve goals such as visiting a set number of displays or product areas, or just play a challenge for fun to see if they can get on the leader board.

Touchscreens and object recognition

Gone are the days of racks of leaflets and data sheets. Instead allow your visitors to access your libraries via touchscreens and instantly email their choice of data sheets or brochures to be waiting for them when they get back to their desk.

Let your visitors control what they see by placing an object (even one of your  products) in different places on an interactive table to trigger video, CGI graphics, sounds or even a quiz. Entertain, inform, and educate.

3D tech is developing all the time and the visual effects we can create in 3D using a variety of hardware are always impressive, from spinning logos to full holograms of objects and people.

Location technology

Proximity-based technology is being used to track visitors and engage with them dependent on where they are. For example, apps that use GPS data and beacons to send tailored offers and promotions to your customers on their smartphones, based on what they visit.

All this costs big money?

Not necessarily. Some of the more impressive effects can be costly but give you  big return in terms of standing out above your competitors, but there are a lot of features and enhancements we can suggest that won’t eat up all your budget.

Call or email us for a conversation and we’ll make some suggestions.

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