Storing your stand

Storing an exhibition stand can be tricky. But Apex can remove the hassle.

Today, many businesses prefer reusable exhibition stands rather than disposable ones. So, it’s increasingly unlikely that your stand will end up in a skip at the end of a show. Both for financial and environmental reasons. However, many clients don’t have the storage or transport capabilities to look after their stands, and storing an exhibition stand can be costly and difficult.

Stiefel EADV Lisbon Exhibition Stand Design

Stiefel EADV Lisbon Exhibition Stand Design

At Apex, we can pack and store your stand for you. And discuss options for reusing all or part of it at your next exhibition. Whether that’s in a month or a couple of years.

With secure storage facilities for looking after your exhibition stand after a tradeshow, we can also look at reuse. In fact, if it’s one of our modular solutions, designed to be used many times over, our designers can re-configure it to fit the next space you have booked. And give it a fresh look for every outing.  That way it retains your core design and brand but never looks tired or repetitive.

As well as picking up and storing an exhibition stand, we can also return it to you ready for your event set up. We'll even set it up for you. And once done, we can collect your stand and store it again.