Five key challenges when building exhibition stands (and how to overcome them)

Five key challenges when building exhibition stands (and how to overcome them)

At Apex, we talk a lot about how we design great looking exhibition stands that deliver the results our clients need. And we are undeniably proud of this work. Not least because, our combination of creative flair and commercial awareness ensures that our stands provide real ROI. But exhibition stand design isn’t all we do. We also remove the burden of exhibition stand build.

Today, exhibition stand build isn’t without challenges. But, when you appoint us to look after this for you, we make sure that this process goes without a hitch. Or at least, if there are any difficulties or complications, you need not worry or even know about them!

So, how do we overcome the challenges of building an exhibition stand?


At Apex, we provide exhibition stands to clients all over the world. So, one of the things we have to figure out is how easy, and how affordable we can make the transportation.

This process involves much more than looking at the various haulage options. Although we do that too. It starts by thinking intelligently about the way your stand is built, and the materials used to make your display as portable as possible. For example, modular set-ups can be packed flatter and result in lower transportation costs.

Smaller exhibition spaces

With budgets tight, businesses are having to think smarter to ensure ROI. And this often means spending less money on floor space. But just because you are small, doesn’t mean you can’t pack a punch. We help clients to create cost-effective stands that are engaging. We do this by maximising all available space using height, signage, suspended props, colour and clever technology. And we make sure that they are easy to assemble, take down, transport and store.

Of course, assembling a stand in a small space comes with its own challenges. But by factoring in the available area during the design process, we ensure everything runs smoothly and to plan.

Short build periods

Over the 30 years we have been supplying exhibition stands, we’ve noticed that the time given to exhibitors to set up and dismantle their displays has become increasingly squeezed. Where once we had a week to set up for a tradeshow, we might now only have two days.

Here again, by designing our stands intelligently, we make sure this is not a problem for our clients. In fact, at Apex, we use easy to assemble modular materials to save time on site. This includes traditional timber stands that are created in our warehouse with sections that bolt together in the hall, or system products (e.g. aluminium stands) that can be put together with ease without the help of a carpenter. And, by creating graphics and technology that can be “slotted into place”, we reduce the time necessary for on-stand decoration.

Of course, this approach to exhibition stand build is more time-efficient, but it’s also cost-effective. We can get your stand up and ready in a matter of hours rather than days – often with fewer bodies on site. In addition, because nobody has to work around the clock to get an exhibition stand ready, there are also Health & Safety benefits to be had.

Sustainable design

It is more vital than ever that businesses look at how to work more sustainably. And, keen to help our clients meet their sustainable agendas, at Apex, we confront green issues pro-actively.

For example, we plan ahead to cover everything needed to build a stand in as few visits as possible – thereby reducing transport costs. Where possible, we also send all your event materials together to cut down on packaging and the impact of shipping things by multiple vehicles (which also reduces costs). And of course, aluminium hardware can eventually be recycled.

We will also create a waste management plan that outlines the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved. Let’s face it, nobody wants to see skips piled high with every element of the build after the show is over. We can even arrange to collect all the leftover materials from the event and help you to consider whether the elements of your stand can be used in other ways. For example, to add a sense of impact to a reception area.

Storing your stand

Today, many businesses prefer reusable exhibition stands rather than disposable ones. Both for financial and environmental reasons. However, many clients don’t have the storage or transport capabilities to look after their stands and storing an exhibition stand can be costly and difficult.

At Apex, we can pick up, store, reconfigure, pre-build (i.e check) and then take your stand to the site to build at your next event. With secure storage facilities to keep your exhibition stand safe.

We are happy to discuss options for reusing all or part of your stand at your next exhibition. Whether that’s in a month or a couple of years. In fact, our modular solutions are designed to be used many times over. Our designers can also re-configure it to fit the next space you have booked. And give it a fresh look for every outing.  That way it retains your core design and brand but never looks tired or repetitive.

At Apex, our exhibition stands can be reconfigured, scaled up or down, and repurposed without any hassle. And, if you want to maximise budget while keeping things fresh, these modular marvels can be updated quickly and easily with interchangeable graphics. So, as well as standing the test of time, our modern systems provide the potential for unlimited creativity. To find out more, give us a call or email today!