Green Event Guidelines: How to create sustainable events

Before the financial crisis, sustainability was a hot topic in the boardroom and the conference hall. However, as the recession hit, some organisations and event teams declared environmental concerns deprioritised, as slashed budgets left them in no position to absorb the costs of going green.

But, while the downturn was predicted to sound the death knell for corporate social responsibility, in reality, it unwittingly accelerated it; as pressure to cut costs resulted in greater operational efficiencies. Today, with the UK’s economic growth steady but slow, it’s likely that green initiatives will endure as businesses continue to look at how to work more efficiently. Being eco-friendly makes good business sense.

Moreover, from a PR point of view, as we look forward to 2018, sustainable events are once again in vogue.

At Apex, we’ve long been committed to working with our clients to minimise the impact of the events we organise. And, in this handy guide, we’ve listed our recommendations on how best to reduce the negative environmental consequences of holding events.


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