How exhibition stand lighting can transform a dull space

How exhibition stand lighting can transform a dull space

You want an exhibition stand that attracts visitors and starts conversations. But what if you’ve booked a gloomy, uninspiring or dull exhibition space? Fear not, with over 30 years’ experience designing and building eye-catching exhibition stands, we have a few tricks to help you shine at your next tradeshow! Here are just some ways that exhibition stand lighting can be used to transform a dull space.

Light it up with the right products!

Lighting has long been used to add wow-factor to exhibition stands. And, if you have booked a dull spot in the conference hall, illumination is crucial.

Neon-like LED, lightboxes and panel lighting are all popular with exhibitors looking to maximise impact at tradeshows. Modular, mobile shelving which perfectly illuminates each individual product can also be used to make an uninspiring space shine. And, where extra impact is needed, bespoke lighting solutions and custom colours can also help to express individuality.

IFPA Pharma Display Exhibition Stand Design
IFPA Pharma Display Exhibition Stand Design

Understand the impact exhibition stand lighting can have

As well as looking at the different exhibition stand lighting products available, you also need to consider the type of impression you want to create. Here are the key kinds of display lighting:

  • Ambient lighting makes sure that visitors to your stand have enough general light to feel comfortable
  • Task lighting designed to perform a specific task. For example, providing a wash of illumination over a floor area
  • Accent lighting to emphasise and attract the eye to a particular display or area
  • Decorative lighting adds to the look and feel of your exhibition stand.

Rather than looking at lighting as an afterthought, be sure to incorporate it into your exhibition stand design.

Fiecon Exhibition Stand Design
Fiecon Exhibition Stand Design

Add some ‘smoke and mirrors’ (but forget about the smoke)

Using mirrors to create the feeling of more space is a common trick in interior design. So, use some strategically placed mirrors to maximise light sources and emphasise space.

Want to create different perceptions of depth? You can also use mirrors to help grab attention. For example, adding a mirror to the roof of your exhibition stand can be a creative way to make a smaller space look huge. You can also use mirrors to create the illusion of a window in your exhibition space.

Create some drama

To create some theatre at your exhibition stand, use lighting to change the look and feel of your space at different times throughout the day. For example, with programmable LEDs that change colour or even animate when someone walks by.

Telesis Modular Exhibition Stand with adjustable height feature
Telesis Modular Exhibition Stand with adjustable height feature

Make light an essential part of your exhibition stand design

Light – or the perception of light – is an essential element in any modern exhibition stand design. So, if you want a space that stands out from the crowd, you should be thinking about light regardless of whether you are in a gloomy corner or a prime spot.

Crucially, brands serious about environmental concerns should also be creating more sustainable exhibition stands. For example, by using digital signage instead of printed panels. For heavily regulated industries with strict rules about what can and can’t be displayed, this ability to use different digital displays in different countries is a huge bonus. We can also help you to create stunning exhibition stands using low-energy lighting.

Want more information on how to ensure your tradeshow presence is maximised?

For more information on buying an exhibition stand and making it work for you, our handy checklist will help you to reach your goals and achieve a truly positive experience.

In this guide, you’ll find out more about:

  • Deciding on a scheme. Making sure the system you choose works for your business
  • Putting the basics in place. Ensuring your stand has everything it needs to succeed
  • Whistles and bells. How to add some magic to ensure your stand is a winner
  • Energy savings.How to introduce some green initiatives that help your stand to work more efficiently
  • Promotion. Helping you to attract and retain visitors ahead of your competitors
  • Lead capture. How to capitalise on your exhibition presence, long after the show is over.

Download the Apex Tradeshow Checklist for Exhibitors.

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