Using video to create immersive events

Using video to create immersive events
Video is a fantastic way to engage and inspire attendees. And over the last few years, we’ve seen more and more brands experiment with video in a bid to deliver immersive event experiences. Here are just some of the ways you can use video at events.

To boost sign up and get people excited

Video encourages potential attendees to sign-up to events. And, once done, it also gets guests excited about attending. In fact, video is a fantastic way to increase event anticipation.

For example, by:

  • Using video of previous events to show why potential attendees shouldn’t miss out
  • Promoting speakers or exciting activities
  • Creating teaser videos to give guests a sneak peek at what they can expect on the day
  • Offering a pre-event webinar to demonstrate knowledge and value
  • Highlighting the venue and city holding the event.

Regardless of the marking and promotional material, video will make it come to life and seem much more exciting.

To share your events with a wider audience

You can use video to extend your reach and allow an unlimited number of people to watch and comment online. This is particularly useful if you want your events to feel intimate, while still reaching a broad audience. Ways to do this include:

  • Asking guests to create their own videos and share them on social media. You could even provide a video booth to record attendee feedback (which you can use to promote your next event)
  • Using live streaming and make your event accessible to a worldwide audience
  • Recording your speaker sessions so that you can maximise the value in these
  • Using stories to create a sense of urgency around your event. Capturing the best moments from a day (and vanishing soon after), stories are a fun, bite-sized way to present video content.

To create an immersive and engaging atmosphere

Video can be used to create a more absorbing atmosphere at events. For example:

  • Video that requires guest participation and encourages competition between attendees
  • Behind the scenes footage to foster feelings of being an “insider”
  • ‘How-to’ videos that help attendees get the most out of the event
  • Remote speakers via video-link
  • Video-based offers shared with visitors on the day (e.g. via an event app)
  • Real-time drone footage
  • Exciting product showcase videos to create a real buzz.

But, while event video content now comes in all shapes and sizes, immersive formats that use VR and AR are set to be the next big thing in the world of events.

For example, one of the most exciting and ingenious event technologies available right now is video mapping technology.

With this, you can turn surfaces into casino tables, journey to undersea worlds, take part in space exploration and travel across continents. Manipulating light to turn surfaces and everyday objects into interactive, 3D displays, the possibilities are endless.  So, by ‘painting with light’, video mapping has the power to create stunning and highly engaging event experiences.

Experience the power of video mapping for yourself

Earlier this year, we signed an exclusive deal to become the sole representative of Lumentium in the UK. Lumentium, which is based in Madrid, is a world-leading pioneer in the development of video mapping services for corporate dinners, and other high-profile events. Lumentium is also the creator of the patented ‘TableMapper’ lamp-projector, the only portable table mapping format on the market.

Through this deal, we have brought a new and immersive gastronomic event experience to the UK market.

If you would like to see this amazing experience for yourself, we are now accepting pre-bookings for our Lumentium UK showroom.

Launching in September, demonstrations will showcase how organisations can create compelling, multi-sensory events that are unlike anything ever seen before.

The Lumentium experience, in partnership with, is suitable for corporate extravaganzas, stunning award ceremonies, special occasions and more. Clients that have already created unforgettable events using Lumentium include Samsung, PlayStation and Accenture.

To find out more about Lumentium, and experience this extraordinary technology first-hand, book a live demonstration at

All demos will take place in our new custom-built UK facility and are strictly by appointment only.