Video Mapping FAQs: What do you need to know?

Table & Video Mapping FAQs

At Apex, we understand how vital ‘experience’ is when creating fantastic events. And, last month, we strengthened our ability to create compelling, multi-sensory events when we
signed an exclusive deal with Madrid-based video mapping specialists Lumentium. But what exactly is video mapping? Here are some of the most common questions we’ve been asked since we announced our partnership.

What is video mapping?

Video mapping uses projectors to create amazing visual displays on a static surface. This manipulation of light turns these everyday objects (e.g. tables, buildings etc.) into interactive, 3D displays. Find out more about video mapping.

How is Apex using video mapping in its events?

We are delivering an elite gourmet experience which combines video mapping technology with haute cuisine to allow food and virtual environments to be enjoyed in total sync.

What does video mapping look like?

Video mapping creates one of the best visual displays you will ever see with stunning projections and ingenious 3D imagery. But talking about video mapping doesn’t do it justice! Watch how Lumentium, in partnership with Apex, created a unique gastronomic experience for our client with table mapping tech.

How are Apex and Lumentium creating experiences that are different from anything else in the UK?

By integrating Lumentium table mapping equipment into your events, we create captivating virtual environments in which guests enjoy a truly original experience.

For example, while enjoying your meal you listen as our hostess guides your guests on the journey through their gastronomic experience.

What’s more, Apex’s extensive understanding of event management brings everything together flawlessly. From table-mapping technology to venue finding, agenda setting and delegate management to production and theming, we have everything you need to ensure a truly unforgettable event. We can also adapt menus to work in perfect harmony with the show.

Can Apex only create Lumentium video mapping events in the UK?

Apex is the sole representative of Lumentium in the UK. However, our partnership allows us to take this technology worldwide.

Why should my organisation use video mapping at my events?

To stand out from the competition, you must find ways to construct compelling, multi-sensory events that evoke genuine emotions from your attendees. Table mapping can achieve these objectives. Find out more about why how table mapping can help you to create exceptional events that are remembered for all the right reasons.

Is table mapping different to video mapping?

Not really, the technology is the same. Table mapping is simply a form of video mapping that projects onto tables (the clue is in the name!). This makes video mapping perfect for creating stunning gastronomic experiences. Video mapping is also called projection mapping, spatial augmented reality, and 3D mapping.

How difficult is it to incorporate video mapping technology into corporate dinners?

Lumentium created the TableMapper – the only patented portable lamp-projector in the world. This ingenious piece of kit is versatile and can be installed in venues with a minimum ceiling height of 3.5m. Ideal for transporting to venues both within the UK and internationally, its easy installation makes the TableMapping system perfect for the wider events market.

How expensive is it to incorporate video mapping technology into corporate events?

Not too long ago, video mapping was only affordable to the world’s biggest brands. For example, Disney is a big fan of 3D projection mapping! But because of the portability of the Lumentium TableMapper, this amazing technology is now much more accessible. Of course, table mapping still isn’t a cheap option. It’s far too stunning for that. But it’s hard to beat for value when it comes to achieving wow factor.

How complex are the table mapping projections?

The images can be simple effects or elaborate projections. With table mapping technology you can turn surfaces into casino tables, journey to undersea worlds, take part in space exploration and travel across continents. All from the comfort of a banqueting hall.

Can I customise my video mapping experience?

Absolutely. As well as being able to choose from a library of phenomenal destinations, the Lumentium experience includes 3D customisable content to enable you to add your company logo, key messages or something a little more personal. Limited only by the bounds of imagination, we can also create something truly bespoke, with personalised shows unique to your needs.

How did the partnership with Apex and Lumentium come about?

The partnership between Lumentium and Apex began after a successful collaboration on a corporate gala dinner in October 2018. With Lumentium’s expertise in table mapping technology, and Apex’s experience delivering first class events around the globe, this makes for the perfect partnership.

Both organisations understand the importance of executing events to the highest of standards. We also have a shared set of values such as being innovative, passionate and trustworthy. Together this makes us 100% committed to each and every event.

Can I experience Lumentium video mapping before I commit?

Yes. Whether you’re ready to book a Lumentium event, or want to visit our head office for your very own demo experience, we would love to hear from you. Demos are available by appointment only. You can book a Lumentium video mapping demo here.

Find out more about how Apex and Lumentium are creating a new kind of event experience at 

Alternatively, if you’d like to talk about how we can deliver experiences that your guests will remember for all the right reasons, contact us to find out more. Or give us a call on + 44 (0)1625 429370 to discuss your requirements in more depth.