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Is a fully produced virtual event just a glorified zoom call?…. No and this is why

A fully produced virtual event does more than information delivery, it creates an experience that will engage and involve an audience in a considered and measured way. A fully produced virtual event will contain essential elements such as:

  • Video Content  –  Broadcast live or pre-recorded dynamic video content to break up sessions, inspire and add energy to the room
  • Interactivity for Audience Engagement  –  Polls, live Q&A, & voting
  • Creative Content  –  Animations and visuals to deliver a high end finished and polished event
  • Producer – A Producer will work with you and pull all the elements of the event together and run it on the day
  • Speaker Coaching  –  The presenting skills are different from a face to face event as there is no physical audience to get instant feedback from and you are presenting to a camera lens, but our team can coach you on speaking in the virtual world as well as framing you on screen for maximum audience attention

What can my attendees experience at a fully produced virtual event?

A virtual event shares some of the same core elements as face to face events.  The agenda content has to be informative and be what your audience want to hear about to maximise attendee engagement.  The elements that make up a virtual event are:

  • Event website
  • Online event registration
  • Live presentation content
  • Live one-way audio/video
  • Live question & answer
  • Live polling
  • Recorded content (speakers, dynamic video, creative content/animations)
  • Note-taking/favourite slides
  • Interactive video conferencing
  • Virtual appointments for one to one connectivity
  • Virtual exhibitor booths
  • Feedback surveys
  • Live voting

Get the support and help you need!

From pre-event preparation to designing the look and feel of your sessions, our team of experts can help with every aspect of your virtual event. We’ll work together to make sure your event delivers the experience and impact you’re looking for. 

  • Online registration
  • Project management
  • Event configuration
  • Webcast support
  • Advanced production
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of working with our customer support team
  • Access additional services to help with your virtual event strategy, planning, and execution

Sponsorship opportunities for virtual events

Sponsorships are a key revenue driver for many events. To maintain or grow your sponsorship each year, you need to continually prove the value of the investment. That means maximizing sponsor exposure and offering new and creative sponsorship opportunities. This is even more important for virtual events, where many of the more traditional sponsorship ideas may not apply. Event technology has opened the door for organisations to get the most out of this channel – and be able to collect the data to prove the value of their sponsorships. Here are ideas for how we can help you create sponsorship opportunities and drive revenue from your virtual events.

Event Management

Event Websites: Dedicate part of your event website to showcase sponsors, including descriptions, logos, and links to their websites

Email Communications: Allow sponsors to include their logos in your various email events, like invites, confirmations, reminders, or even dedicated sponsor email sends

Registration: Highlight sponsors during registration with dedicated survey questions to gauge interest or drawing attention to sponsored sessions

Throughout the Virtual Event

Featured Sponsors: Maximize exhibitor and sponsor visibility by featuring them both right on the homepage of your virtual event

Sponsor and Exhibitor Lists: Have dedicated areas within your virtual event for your sponsor and exhibitor lists that are easily searchable for attendees

Virtual Exhibitor Booths: Virtual booths with video conferencing allow exhibitors to display company details and meet face-to-face with interested attendees.

There are numerous other solutions we can offer, to help produce your perfect virtual event. Get in contact with us today to find out more.

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