Why your conference is like a space rocket

Last Modified: October 4, 2023 | Posted by: Katie Callear

Event management may not be rocket science, but make no mistake, it has more in common than you’d think.

Imagine you’re launching a new satellite into space. You need an enormous rocket with tons of fuel to get it up there, but what is it that actually does the business? The massive rocket or the tiny satellite sat on top?

There’s simply no point spending all your budget on the rocket and skimping on the satellite because you won’t make the grade, be that broadcasting enough TV channels, landing a man on the Moon, or whatever else your accountants thought they were getting for their investment.

So it is with conferences.

The truth is, at corporate events, the venue, catering, giveaways, travel, etc. are just the rocket. Essential, but not how you guarantee the right results.

It’s the messages you convey to your audience that are your satellite. And you must get these right.

So, just like the scientists in their fetching white coats – building high-tech satellites that allow you to sat nav to your destination or watch Sky Sports – before you even think about launching, you must collect the information you need to communicate effectively.

As proud as you are of your conference, the truth is, no-one will buy into your messages if they don’t relate to them. And, to understand what your audience needs, you first have to know who they are. The more you know, the more targeted you can be with your communications, and, the more successful your conference is likely to be.

Once you know who you’re talking to, you then need to figure out what to say. Shaping your agenda and finding the right speakers to positively influence your audience, so you can deliver those all-important communications in a way that informs, impresses, entertains, and motivates.

Too many businesses choose to skip this step, believing it to be difficult, time-consuming, and/or costly. However, the truth is, with this insight at your fingertips, your conference will be propelled to the next level, resulting in greater audience engagement.

At Apex, we can help you do just this. And we start by taking the time to get to know you, your culture, and the outcomes you want and need. Combined with over 25 years of successful conference agenda planning, it’s a winning formula.

We believe in re-engineering, and using disruptive techniques that challenge standard conference models. But we also know when to stay with tradition if that is the right thing to do.

So before you start commencing countdown, engines on, check ignition, don’t make the mistake of spending everything on the rocket and not enough on what sits at the top.

Setting aside some of your hard-won budget to bring in expert help to support your communications and agenda planning could make all the difference to your mission success.

What we do isn’t rocket science, but it’s pretty close.

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