A network of guest speakers and professional hosts for your corporate events.

A network of contacts

Over the years we have developed a network of contacts that allows us to source a broad range of professional hosts and guest speakers for your corporate events. With someone suitable to talk about virtually any topic you can think of.

Where maximum impact is needed, we have relationships with some of the biggest names and celebrities in the business. So we can help you to wow your guests and add kudos to your event.

A commercial approach

At Apex, we understand the financial pressures facing most businesses. So, with an eye on your bottom line, we can provide you with guidance and ideas on the most appropriate external speaker or celebrity within your budget limits.

Strategy as standard

Celebrity names are all well and good, but booking the wrong guest speakers, however famous, can be a very costly mistake. At Apex we work with you to find the right person for you. So we find someone who can add real value to your event – and to your business.

Shaping your agenda and finding the right speakers to positively influence your audience, we help you to deliver those all-important communications in a way that informs, impresses, entertains, and motivates.

If you want a speaker who can elevate your event, get in touch.