Venue search & location

We find the right event venues for you.

At Apex, we search out the right venue for your event. Whether that's a business space in the city centre, a premier venue with multiple rooms, or a quirky and unusual site that will intrigue your delegates. There are plenty of places that aren't well publicised, but which offer something genuinely different. And we know how to find them.

As part of our overall service - and at no extra cost to you  - we research availability and prices and present you with a shortlist report. In this report, we highlight the spaces that we think will work well for you. We can even source and organise multiple venues where appropriate. So we take care of the logistics and make sure that everything runs effortlessly.

If you want to visit your top choices, we’ll set that up. And we can accompany you if you need some ideas on how best to use the space.

Preferential rates

We deal with venues all the time, and with 25 years' experience in the event business,  we've worked at most of the good ones across the UK (and beyond!) at some point over the years. As such, we make sure we negotiate preferential rates for you.

Contract management & venue liaison

We can even deal with any contracts and ongoing liaison to ensure the delivery of an excellent service. Not just with the event itself, but also with any suppliers (we can find these for you too!). Removing the burden from your shoulders, we're happy to be your point of contact for your venue and suppliers throughout your events.

Venue set-up and layout

Providing logistics and production support before, during, and after your events, we can set-up the venue for you. So, we ensure that your event is a success and that it follows the agreed timescales and budget. We can also source and sort any necessary equipment for AV and staging requirements.

We can even tidy up for you afterwards.

Apex has 30 years’ experience in the industry. We’ll help you find the best venue for you at the best possible price. Contact us today to learn more .

Apex holds a Travel Industry Designator Service (TIDS) code. Provided by IATA, this acknowledges Apex as a recognised agent for booking venues and services. Find out more at