City Link Annual Awards Conference

City Link holds a national meeting and awards dinner every year. Apex has produced many successful conferences and dinners for them, creating fresh themes and creative styles. We have highlighted here an Olympic and sporting theme 'Light the Passion, Share the Dream'

Our challenges:

  • To develop a creative look and feel for the awards, which was to be enjoyable and entertaining without taking away from the success of the award winners
  • Full technical production including themed stage set, PA, lighting, projection
    Liaison with guest host
  • Scripting and visual materials
  • Video production and editing of the event
  • Event management including venue and catering arrangements

What Apex delivered:

  • Apex devised and designed a Roman games theme to tie in with the overall sporting and achievement concept. The set was designed around classical Roman architecture, with some more modern touches such as starcloth backgrounds. Roman style ‘living statues’ stood at the entrance doors and created some surprises by suddenly coming to life as guests walked past.
  • We worked closely with the host, celebrated athlete Kriss Akabussi, to ensure he was comfortable with his script and had sufficient rehearsal time.
  • A full package of graphics stills and video inserts for the event that were consistent with both the overall theme and the classical look of the set. Awards were read and announced from scrolls rather than the usual envelopes.
  • Room theming with chair covers, table centres, statues, floristry and colour keyed linen.
  • Logistics planning, a consistently updated timeline with key milestones, budget control and a comprehensive communications plan to ensure all stakeholders were aware of progress and achievements throughout the event build up period.
  • High quality technical support, staging, lighting design and crewing.

Client Feedback:

"We’ve worked with the Apex team for eight years and every year they surpass our expectations. I’ve just had 420 extremely motivated people and we can’t ask for more than that. If you want a fantastic event and great ideas, these are the people to talk to… "

Managing Director, City Link

Apex Event Management and Exhibition Stands

Apex Event Management and Exhibition Stands