Modular Stands

Apex modular solutions are a long way from ‘off the peg’ designs that look like everyone else’s.

We have developed innovative ways of using different media and re-usable components. With lightweight alloys, tensioned fabrics and hi-tech plastics all used to produce contemporary and high-quality stands, you can adapt and re-configure for many different shows and hall spaces. So you can use it at future shows, even if they are larger, smaller or just different.

We cleverly design your stand to make it unique while maximising your investment and focusing on sustainability. Put us to the test and we’ll show you how much you can

Check out our modular designs and examples

See our design examples for lots of creative ideas with modular systems in a range of stand sizes.

Portable and Self Build Stands

If you are looking for a portable stand that’s easy to transport, we recommend you talk to us about our Apex Twist System. Easy to set up multiple times, it is very scalable so you can adapt the size for larger or smaller shows without any fuss.

Message or talk to us about a portable Twist system