Boost your stand visitor retention with Apex

Having a great looking stand is an essential first step to exhibition success.

But successful exhibiting is about more than just looking good. You also have to attract and retain visitors ahead of your competitors.

That’s why, at Apex, we are more than just stand designers. We also devise onstand attractions, use the latest tech and build in exciting features that will bring your target customers to your stand. And keep them coming back.

Once your visitors have left your stand you need to follow them up and maximise your sales investment. We can give you the tools and ideas to help you keep track of your visitors and make sure they remember your stand

Creating conversations

Your stand should stop people in their tracks and grab their attention. No matter how good your products/services are, your exhibition presence won’t be a success if you don’t have the right conversations.

Our aim is to make your stand a conversation starter and a platform for you to promote your business.