Modular and Flexible Stands

Apex modular solutions are a long way from ‘off the peg’ designs that look like everyone else’s.

We have developed innovative ways of using different media and re-usable components. And, with lightweight alloys, tensioned fabrics and hi-tech plastics all used to produce contemporary and high-quality stands, you can adapt and re-configure for many different shows and hall spaces.

Component Systems

Hi-tech extruded frames with graphic panels or tensioned fabrics to create a design that looks modern and eye-catching and can be added to and re-configured in future.

Share the benefits

We can easily design your stand to be shared across different departments and product areas.

Whistles & bells

From side and backlit graphics to iPads and augmented reality video.

Unlimited possibilities

With Apex, there’s an unlimited range of possibilities. And we cleverly design your stand to make it unique while maximising your investment. So you can use it at future shows, even if they are larger, smaller or just different. Put us to the test and we’ll show you how much you can save on multiple exhibitions, without sacrificing visual impact or visitor appeal.

We are major UK distributors for three separate British manufacturers of system stands. Have a look at some of our Exhibitions Stands Design Concepts

Maximum use of resource

By using different sets of graphics and re-branding, we can design your stand to be shared across different product areas. Furthermore, other benefits include the reduced storage and transport costs associated with smaller components, and the need for fewer people to build the exhibit on site. Delivering maximum bang for buck with less budget, what’s not to like?

To find out how we do this, take a look at our Exhibition Case Studies

Make your stand special

From side and backlit graphics to iPads and augmented reality video, we’ll help make your exhibition stand special. And we work hard to balance the appropriate enhancements with your budget and what’s right for your business. As a result we help you draw in more visitors and give you a platform for great conversations about your products.

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