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Exhibition stand design to help you stand out from the rest

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Your stand should stop people in their tracks and grab their attention. And, no matter how good your business is, your exhibition presence won’t be a success if you don’t actually talk to anyone. So it pays to stand out from the crowd. That’s why, making your stand inviting is as important today as it has ever been.

Where appropriate, we maximise your exhibition space by using colour, signage, and lights to draw attendees to you.  Furthermore, we also consider large graphic displays and ceiling hung graphics to help provide that elusive ‘wow’ factor.

Of course, when it comes to wow-factor exhibition stand design, on-stand technology can help you to achieve this. And we can supply this too. But, no matter how much tech you deploy, if your space is too cluttered visitors just won’t come in. As a result, when it comes to good design, the space you leave empty is just as important as the structures you include.

Exhibition stand design that works

If you are looking for the best exhibition stand design, our talented and experienced design team can bring a true creative edge to your stand space.

Many of our exhibition designs have been awarded ‘best stand’ and regularly attract praise from exhibition staff, clients and visitors.

And, whether custom built exhibition stands or using a component system, we will provide a design that works for you.

Of course, there is no point getting people to your exhibition stand if they don’t talk to you once there. So, no matter how good your booth looks, all your effort could go to waste if it’s not a catalyst for conversations. That’s why, at Apex, we use a combination of traditional expertise and inventive technical know-how to ensure your stand sets you apart. And kick-start those all-important conversations.

To see what we do, or choose a starting point for your own design, take a look through our Exhibition Stands Design Concepts and Exhibition Stands Photo Gallery.

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We are full members of ESSA, your guarantee of quality, reliability and professional standards.