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1 May 2018 Events

With demanding workloads and long hours, the number of people suffering from stress is on the rise, and this can take its toll on a business. But, the healthier employees are – both mentally and physically - the less likely it is that they will need time off work. So, it is no surprise that employers across all sectors are looking to do more to reduce the pressures placed on modern employees.

And, one way they are doing this, is with corporate wellbeing events.

Wellbeing at work

To attract and keep the best people, health and wellbeing initiatives require more than just paying for private healthcare or offering gym memberships. And, while new working arrangements and training are vital when it comes to reducing stress, corporate wellness events are also on the rise. So much so that they are set to be a key trend in 2018 and beyond.

Here are just some of the ways wellbeing and corporate events are coming together to increase employee motivation, engagement and retention.

Sporting events

Team building activities have long been used to educate, motivate, and inspire staff. And, sporting events have always proved popular with managers and employees alike. From marathons to abseiling down a vertigo-inducing cliff, football matches to crashing about in 4x4 off-road vehicles, sport can help staff to come together and get along.

Crucially, however, while sporting events can be fun, the benefits go much further than employee bonding; with pursuits that improve the fitness of employees being incorporated into broader corporate wellbeing schemes. Find out more about how to successfully introduce sporting events into your workplace.

Team development events

With companies having to plan ahead – now more than ever due to Brexit – savvy businesses are putting in the groundwork to ensure they have the right team dynamics needed to succeed. As such, corporate events that focus on team building are on the rise. And, while such activities lead to improved productivity, they also have a positive impact on mental wellbeing.

But inspiring people to work as a highly effective team takes much more than a quick treasure hunt. While it's possible to use such activities to give employees a boost or a break from the daily pressure, there’s a real danger that any benefit will be short-term and easily lost when back at the workplace. Familiar conflicts and barriers to co-operation can quickly resurface, and the investment gets lost as time passes.

Corporate Teambuilding Event Organised by Apex

We all spend a considerable proportion of our lives at work, and our workplaces have a huge impact on our state of mind. So, companies who take the time to create teambuilding events with long-term outcomes are the ones that are seeing real benefits when it comes to the overall happiness and mental health of their staff.

Trust building events

A recent study has found that 53% of employees identify trust as a deciding factor when considering whether to stay or leave a job. What’s more, trust has a positive link with wellbeing. In response, more and more businesses are looking to introduce corporate events that support an open and inclusive culture. From roadshows to de-stressing sessions, resilience workshops and mental health days, such events are helping employees to feel happier and more productive at work.


Different event formats

Once-upon-a-time, conferences all followed the same format; with a few keynote speakers and the odd breakout session. And, while this still works for many events, if you want to boost employee welling, it might be worth considering a more flexible approach.

In response to changing employee needs and expectations, some businesses are now creating “festival styled” events, where many streams take place simultaneously. Not only does this flexible format give attendees more say on where they want to go, but it is also more collaborative and conversation-focused. The knock-on effect is greater engagement, interest and happiness.

Hosting events outside is also becoming increasingly popular and can have a positive impact on attendees’ state of mind. Of course, in the UK, having a contingency plan in place for bad weather is a must!

With businesses across the UK starting to make wellbeing a priority, we expect to see the popularity of wellness events rise over the next 12 months. But, to see lasting results, it’s not enough to just throw an event together and create a fun day. If you want to reap the benefits of wellbeing activities, you’ll need to encompass psychology, training, and inspiration, and only a professional can truly help you to bring all these elements together.

An established team building and event management company, Apex has 30 years’ experience in the industry. So, we’ll help you get the most from your teams and the people who work in them. Contact us and tell us about your business and what you want to achieve.

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