What is the secret to a great event?

29 Aug 2018 Events

What is the secret to a great event?

Whether you’re organising a conference, workshop or roadshow, an award ceremony, gala dinner, or a teambuilding event, here are some top tips from the event organisers at Apex to make sure you pull it off in style.

Plan for success

Regardless of the type of event you are organising, you should always start with a plan. Consider why you are holding your event, what you want to achieve and how you will measure success. Next, take the time to establish:

  • Agenda setting and event content strategy. If you want people to attend your events, you have to give them something worth giving up their valuable time for. So, ensuring the right content is crucial when it comes to shaping your agenda. You need to find the right messages to attract and influence your audience
  • Event formatting. Most conferences still follow the traditional plenary + breakout sessions format. However, there are a number of event structures that might serve your audience better. These range from contemporary adaptations of tried and tested styles, to highly innovative and tailored formats that are designed for a specific audience or communications need.

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 Make sure your next event is remembered for all the right reasons
A guide to successful corporate events

Location, location, location

Choosing the right venue is essential to the success of your events, and getting it wrong could be a disaster. Here are just some of the things you must consider:

  • Does it suit your event? Booking the Ritz ballroom for an event at which you’re going to announce a downturn in business, or an uninspiring town hall for your ‘best sales team’ awards is clearly off the mark. But it’s more subtle than that. What’s your brand image? What’s the purpose of the event? And, how does the look and feel of the venue support these?
  • Can your delegates get there? Your event doesn’t have to be on a junction of the M6, but look at airports, rail links and major roads
  • Is it useable? Think about projection distances in the main meeting room, and the amount and location of breakout spaces. An event for 200 people, in a space on the 12th floor, where the lift only holds five people is going to really mess with your agenda timings.

Your strategy, budget and number of guests are crucial when selecting a venue. But the last thing you want is a drab space just because it was the only place you can fit everyone in. At Apex we can give you some creative suggestions on how lighting and dressing can transform an unlikely space into somewhere magical.

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Your event could stand or fall by the venue you choose
Choosing a venue for a corporate event

Use a professional host

The right speakers, guests and hosts can add real value to your events and positively inspire your audience. For example, you might use:

  • Celebrities for stunning award ceremonies
  • Business leaders for corporate and commercial seminars and conferences
  • Experts to help get your employees ready for change and innovation.

Find out more about our network of guest speakers and professional hosts for your corporate events.

Make it easy for people to say yes

When you’ve put your heart and soul into creating an event, it can be demoralising if people don’t show up to appreciate it. Not to mention a poor return on your investment. But, when it comes to creating show-stopping corporate events, what you do on the day is only half the battle. And, getting people to RSVP “yes please!” can be an even bigger challenge.

One way to boost attendance is to put your event registration in the hands of an expert. This approach makes sure your software is working hard to deliver the attendee numbers you need.

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How to get people to come to events

Wow your guests

Music, video and light can create a real spectacle. You can even use cutting-edge technology such as augmented reality and holograms to add additional wow-factor and give your audience something to talk about.

Or, if you really want to if you want to do something different and create a buzz, video mapping can help you to create exceptional events that are remembered for all the right reasons.

green table mapping effect Lumentium in partnership with Apex

See how Lumentium video table mapping is being used at corporate dinners, weddings and other high-profile events.

Apex has extensive experience when it comes to large-scale productions for entertainment, major conferences, gala dinners and staff open days. Our production managers will coordinate your set, building, sound, lighting systems and special effects to create a visually spectacular show. And it goes without saying that we’ll keep everything to time right up to the final curtain. We also have a network of performers, hosts and talent, where maximum impact is needed. Helping to impress your guests and adding that all-important wow factor to your event.

Find out more about our AV and production services.

At Apex, we understand the immense effort that goes into preparing for events, and we work with you to help reach your goals and achieve a truly memorable experience. If you’d like to find out more about how we can make your events a success, contact us today to find out more, or give us a call today on + 44 (0)1625 429370 to discuss your requirements in more depth.

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Paul Ashford

Paul Ashford is a founding director of Apex.co.uk and has over 25 years’ experience in live events and conferencing. He has a particular interest in creative communication and team dynamics and advises Apex’ clients on how to build teams and convey their key messages in visually stimulating and effective formats.