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Why you need a reusable exhibition stand

11 Dec 2018 Exhibitions

Why you need a reusable exhibition stand

According to the experts, it takes just seven seconds to make an impression. So, if you're looking to attract new clients and customers at a tradeshow or other event, you need something that will get you noticed. But, in the past, a stand out exhibition stand required a big brand budget. This meant that too many start-ups and SMEs were left with an uninspiring pop-up because that was all they could afford.

But times have changed. Today, organisations of all types and sizes are investing in affordable, eye-catching exhibition stands that can be adapted and re-configured for many different shows and hall spaces. So you can get something unique while making your budget work harder. And you don’t have to worry about throwing your stand (and your money) in the skip after the show is over.

Here are just some of the advantages that a reusable exhibition stand has over a more traditional display.

First of all, reusable exhibition stands are great for advertising and increasing the visibility of your brand. Because they are easier to transport and set up than traditional exhibition stands, you can use them at as many events as you want - spreading your marketing message to as many people as possible.

What’s more, because they are flexible and versatile, reusable exhibition stands can be applied as a stand-alone display or as part of a larger design. Hi-tech extruded frames with graphic panels or tensioned fabrics can all be used to create a design that looks modern and eye-catching, and which can be added to and re-configured in the future.

Want to promote something different? Not a problem. With a reusable exhibition stand you can simply swap out the customised graphics to change your message while the overall look and feel of your brand remains the same.

And, if you want to make your stand special, it’s easy to add some bells and whistles within your budget. For example, video, iPads, touch screen data capture, triggered motion sensor tech to catch the eye, interactive screens, holographs, and many other ingenious features and gadgets can be used to connect with visitors in an immersive way.

Reusable custom exhibition stands are also portable (they need to be if you are going to use them at different tradeshows). So, they are easy to transport and store; meaning you don’t have to worry about the logistics. There's no hassle or fuss - just turn up to the exhibition hall or conference centre, set up the stand, and you're good to go! On the other hand, traditional stands are often bigger, bulkier, and more difficult to carry. And that’s the last thing you want to worry about when attending a busy exhibition.

At Apex, our reusable exhibition stands are also made from high-quality materials. This means that they are long-lasting. As such, they provide a great return on your investment. Delivering maximum bang for buck with less budget, what’s not to like? What's more, our reusable exhibition stands can be reconfigured, scaled up or down, and repurposed without any hassle. And, if you want to maximise budget while keeping things fresh, these modular marvels can be updated quickly and easily with interchangeable graphics. So, as well as standing the test of time, our modern systems provide the potential for unlimited creativity.

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Check out some of our great reusable exhibition stands below

Pete Forse

Pete is the Exhibitions Director here at Apex. He has one clear business objective – to produce memorable exhibition stands that add real value to our customers’ brands. With a background in event production - spanning 30 years in places as far flung as Rio and Manila (and quite often the NEC!) - Pete brings his experience to the task of making exhibition visitors stop and take notice. Like everyone at Apex, he is driven by the excitement of this challenge, and the vision that we can make a long-term difference for our clients. To find out more about how Pete and the Apex team can help you, give us a call on 01625 429370 today!

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