Create visual appeal with the best exhibition stand designs

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When going to tradeshows and other events, you want the best exhibition stand designs possible. Not least because exhibitions are a great way to create brand engagement with visitors. But a quality exhibition stand is more than just a place to exhibit your brand visuals. Today they have to spark conversations too. Particularly if you want to generate new business.

Here are some quick ideas to help you make sure that you have the best exhibition stand designs for your next events. And that they work hard for you.

  • On-stand technology can help you to catch the eye and create an engaging on stand experience. Include some bells and whistles in your modern exhibition stands. For example, visible and interactive entertainment, including flash games and apps
  • Offer incentives such as a coupon, free product or similar in exchange for contact details (just make sure that you stay GDPR compliant). The real worth of an exhibition stand can be measured by how much people are engaging with it and also if they are ready to exchange their valuable info with you
  • Use colour, signage, and lights, large graphic displays and ceiling hung graphics in ways that are seamless and visually effective to help to provide that elusive ‘wow’ factor and draw attendees to you
  • Serve food and drink to attract visitors to your exhibition stand or create relaxing break out areas for tired delegates.

As the goal of an exhibition stand is to bring clients to it, it is vital that it’s well designed and visually appealing.  At Apex we fully comprehend the significance of visual appeal, which is why we are not only display designers, but also graphic and print designers too.

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The best exhibition stand designs from Apex

At Apex, our exhibition stand designers work collaboratively with you and your other agencies to boost your exhibition presence.

Whether you’re searching for guidance on the easiest way to adorn your exhibition stand, or you know exactly how you want it to look, we ensure that the stand creates an excellent impression of your business.

When you’re looking to bring visitors to your display stand, you can’t really disregard the power of technology. A high-tech stand is almost surely going to make passers-by inquisitive and the more interactive it is, the better. Modern exhibition stands can now incorporate a broad range of modern technology including iPads, touch-screen games, virtual reality, graphics and of course, video. All of these elements independently or in a combination can add additional effects to your display. When working with technology as part of your exhibition stand, it is a good idea to be as innovative as feasible and keep the vital goals of your event in mind.

Raising involvement with interactive elements

The ideal is for visitors to your exhibition stands to not only participate with your business whilst they’re there, but to also remember who your business is and tell their friends and colleagues about you.

A fantastic way to do this is by utilising a simple interactive touch-screen game included in your stand and running a contest to see who can get the greatest score. This really is useful for several distinct reasons.

  • Firstly with a game on your stand, you will not only support interaction but when you have it displayed on a large display you create a unique social element
  • Secondly – using the game as a way to run a competition means you give people a compelling reason to visit your site later to see if they have won.

Clearly, the better the prize, the more likely people are to visit your stand.

Creating only the best exhibition stand designs, we can produce a reason for people to visit your website after the event. This increases your brand recognition outside of the event and gets you the maximum possible results from your exhibition stand.

Obviously we realise that not all firms have the budget to incorporate a large amount of technology within their exhibition stands, which will be why we do not design our stands to be solely reliant on technology. There are lots of other ways to achieve action and participation for firms that have more modest budgets. At Apex, we realise that each company will have different needs for their exhibition stands. Some will desire technology to play an important role whilst others will need a more conventional stand.

We work closely with our customers to make sure that their thoughts are taken on board while also supplying our skilled guidance on the best way to get the most out of your exhibition stand.

We do not just create great stands at Apex, but we’re also able to pack and keep them for use in future projects. With our modular designs, we can also reconfigure the stand so that it could be used in numerous settings and add or remove features as needed. Our layouts are constructed to last so there isn’t any reason you cannot get maximum value out of your exhibition stand for years to come.

We should enable you to create a stand you will take pride in and one which will produce new and repeat business. If you are trying to find the best exhibition stand designs who can handle every part of the project, then Apex is the perfect choice.