Creative exhibiting, sensible budget – let’s learn from LEGO

Last Modified: April 1, 2016 | Posted by: toast

While LEGO launched with a variety of colours, in the late 1950s something strange happened. These colours all but disappeared, and for many years, there were only two kinds of LEGO brick – red ones and white ones.

True, there were various sizes and shapes, so you could build lots of different stuff (and there were a few other colours still around if you got lucky), but somehow your models always looked a bit like everyone else’s. Frustrating, if like us, you spent your childhood attempting to make creative masterpieces!
Then, towards the end of the 1970’s, blue, yellow, and black reappeared. Quickly followed by a full range of colours. And, by the early 1990s, LEGO sold its iconic bricks in more than 100 colours.

Fast forward to today, and the bewildering choice of shapes, colours and characters provide the potential for unlimited creativity.

And, because LEGO isn’t cheap, other brands have come into the market, helping parents to keep their budding Damien Hirst or Zaha Hadid happy, whatever the budget.

So it is with modular exhibition stands.

Not too long ago the hardware options were limited. So, the choice was a cheap and cheerful modular stand or pop-up that looked just like everyone else’s, or to invest big money on a custom built stand, only to throw it in a skip after the show was over.


Fortunately today, like LEGO, the world of exhibition stands is now very different.

Multiple brands, large choices of components, and a wide range of budget options mean there has never been a better time for businesses to stand out and demonstrate real creativity for a relatively modest spend.

Robust and versatile, today’s modular exhibition stands allow designers to create bespoke structures without any hassle. Even better, these can be reused and reconfigured at a range of events and exhibitions, and be scaled up or down depending on the available space.

Lowering the cost of exhibiting, modular stands no longer need to be boring and instead, can be updated quickly and easily with interchangeable graphics; making them a firm favourite with businesses that need to keep a close eye on their bottom line.

Excellent – but this has created another problem – one of too much choice. How do you decide exactly which of the many systems is a perfect match for your needs? And, with all the different configurations available, how do you get maximum creative bang for your buck?

The simple answer is to get help and advice from those who regularly work with all the best systems on the market, and whose designers can make a real difference to your business with an exhibit that grabs attention and brings that all-important footfall to your stand.

At Apex, we’re here to help and advise you on getting the right stand at the right budget, whatever that may be. And we still play with our LEGO. We can even make you an exhibition stand out of it if you really want us to!

Apex creates award-winning modular and custom built exhibition stands that look fantastic, and are created specifically around your objectives. Click here to find out more or give us a call today on + 44 (0)1625 429370 to discuss your requirements in more depth.

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