Four ways technology will make your exhibition stand more successful

Last Modified: June 20, 2017 | Posted by: toast

The world of exhibition stand design is changing. And, in today’s experience economy, displays have to grab attention and start sales conversations if brands want to capitalise on the potential of a captive and targeted audience at tradeshows and other events.

But help is at hand.

At Apex, we have over 30 years’ experience in exhibition stand design. So we know what it takes to make sure your next show is a resounding success. In this quick blog, we take a look at just one of the ways you can create a profitable exhibition experience.

How to use exhibition stand TECHNOLOGY to boost your presence

When it comes to distinguishing your business from the crowd and creating a winning show presence, integrating technology into your next exhibition stand design could provide that much-needed return on investment. In fact, there is a plethora of technology available to help increase the number of leads generated at exhibitions, without having to increase your on-stand sales team. For example, larger modular displays or bespoke exhibition stands can encompass video, iPads, virtual reality, touch screen data capture, augmented reality, holographs, and many other very clever features and gadgets.

So, if you haven’t yet caught on to the immense benefits of on stand tech, you could be missing out to your competitors who have.

Here are just some of the ways technology can help you:

1. Attract, astonish, and engage

You can use the latest tech (e.g. AR/VR) to generate buzz, make sure your stand is the talk of the show, and create a lasting impression. If that isn’t enough, this exciting technology can also be set up to collect vital visitor data.

Interactive screens, walls, and flooring, as well as triggered motion sensor tech, can also help to interrupt the customer journey and connect with visitors in an immersive way. You can also use location-based tools to engage with tradeshow visitors. For example, sending out bespoke offers and promotions to potential customers on their smartphones to encourage footfall to your stand.


2. Connect attendees to your brand

You can use technology such as gamification, leaderboards, and apps to deliver a richer exhibition experience. As well as creating a fun and engaging event, this tech can also share and collect that all-important digital data. So, by investing in exhibition technology, your sales team can focus all its attention on talking to visitors, while the technology feeds information back to your in-house team for further action.


3. Deliver a better visitor experience

You can also use apps and digital touchpoints to provide attendees with sales and marketing collateral (nobody likes having to carry around heavy bags stuffed with paper!). You can even use this technology to share data for lead generation purposes, and to boost communication before, during, and after the show.


4. Measure success

Tracking the actual success of your exhibition presence isn’t always easy. Particularly as sales sparked on the day often don’t take place until much later. So, tech that can help measure engagement, provide analytics, and facilitate data capture for instant, targeted follow-up is hugely important when it comes to measuring ROI.

Today’s exhibition visitors are seeking experiences that are experimental and uniquely memorable. So, look at integrating technology into your display to construct compelling, multi-sensory experiences that evoke genuine emotions. That said, at Apex we never make our designs reliant on technology alone. While available as an option, our core stand design always works visually – even if your budget doesn’t stretch to every latest bit of software.

Big or small, modular or custom-built, at Apex, our designs ensure that your stand sets you apart from your competitors, and kick-starts those all-important conversations. Read more about Apex’s wider approach to exhibition stand success here.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can make your next exhibition stand a success, contact us today to find out more, or give us a call today on + 44 (0)1625 429370 to discuss your requirements in more depth.