What are the benefits of custom designed exhibition stands?

Last Modified: October 15, 2015 | Posted by: toast

Custom designed exhibition stands let you create a great impression of your brand at trade shows and exhibitions.

Here are just some of the main benefits of custom designed exhibition stands.

  • Like top fashion designs, they are unique and no one is going to turn up looking as good as you
  • They help you to stand out in the crowd
  • They are designed around your objectives so help to keep your target audience engaged
  • During the event, they can help bring visitors to your stand, and help you to keep in contact after they leave
  • Your customers won’t just look at your stand, they’ll experience it!
  • Technology, clever innovations, useful data, competitions, visual hooks, and personal appearances are all part of our extensive toolkit, which you can use to gain more on and off stand enquiries
  • They help you win customers

At Apex, we’re experienced in helping organisations of all sizes to produce exhibition stands that set them apart in the competition. Along with designing and creating exhibition stands, we are also able to help with more the more practical aspects of operating a stand at an event or exhibition. We’ve worked with all types of businesses to help them with project management. Because we’ve worked at all the major exhibition halls in Great Britain, we’re able to offer invaluable advice on the best method to run a particular event.

Apex creates and delivers award-winning modular and custom built exhibition stands that look fantastic and are created specifically around your objectives, whatever your budget.



Custom designed exhibition stands from Apex

At Apex, we manage all facets of exhibition stand design and building. Our team of talented designers will be able to help you achieve the vision you’ve got for your exhibition stands and guarantee that you actually stand out in the crowd.

We comprehend the basics of great stand design and that the stand should not merely look excellent but also keep visitors engaged. We work with our customers through every step of the project to ensure that we create a stand that brings great results. This means not only attracting visitors to your stand; but making certain they’re engaged when they’re there.

In regards to creating a fantastic exhibition stand, you cannot underestimate the importance of design.

When attending an exhibition, visitors will be bombarded with many displays from other companies, meaning you need to have an exhibition stand that’s really unique and will attract people to it. At Apex, we do not just build exhibition stands but also design them. We’re able to design a stand that will create a distinctive impression for your brand and incorporate your brand colours, logo, pictures and text.

We are also capable of producing a variety of unique stand features and lighting effects that will make it stand out from the competition.

We can also create custom designed portable exhibition stands which are easy to keep, transport, and adapt for future use. Apex can assist you in keeping your exhibition stand and also re-working it for use in future exhibitions. Since every exhibition hall has a different amount of space and different layout, you will almost surely have to make adjustments to your stand to make it optimised for a special event.

When you’ve got modular custom designed exhibition stands, you can adapt it very readily by shifting specific elements or by eliminating elements of it. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the complete design. Instead, if you want to use it in different spaces that demand a different setup, it’s easy to accommodate your stand to ensure it is ideal for the area it’s used in. Without losing any of its wow-factor.

Improved Results With Effective Exhibition Stand Design

The design of your stand is very important. And, with years of experience we work with many different companies at various distinct events to produce a unique solution that’s not only notable, but ties in well with client requirements.

Your stand should be tailored toward the needs and requirements of your target customers and with our substantial expertise of events, we make sure that you incorporate all of the expected elements into your display which will have optimum effect.

There are several businesses out there who claim to know what attendees at exhibitions and trade shows look for. Nonetheless, Apex goes one step further and examines exactly how we will produce something which won’t only attract visitors to your exhibition stands, but persuade them to make an enquiry or visit your website after the event.

At Apex, we can build exhibition stands that last. Utilising only the best, high-quality materials, we ensure your stand will not only last for a particular event, but for many future exhibitions whether they may be local, nationwide or worldwide.

An efficient display stand needs to tick lots of boxes. For example:

  • Does it contain the correct amount of information
  • Has the marketing and product placement been finished to attain optimum impact
  • Will technology be required to raise and encourage interaction with the company both on the stand or at a later date?

These are all important questions that we answer throughout the design and construction of your stand. By making a stand from scratch, we’re able to assemble something which is genuinely exceptional and will offer clients the best possible impression of your business.

Contact us today to discuss custom designed exhibition stands and find out how we can assist you at your next event.