Exhibitions Stand: Are you using yours effectively?

Last Modified: October 15, 2015 | Posted by: toast

Having an exhibition stand is an extremely powerful way to boost your business at trade shows, events and exhibitions. The ultimate target of attending such events is usually to increase awareness of your business and create interest and sales. And, to achieve these aims, it is vital to strike a balance between producing an efficient exhibit and conveying your business concept to communicate your brand.

So, when it comes to your exhibitions stand, how can you be sure that you are using yours effectively?

Creating a bespoke exhibition stand that delivers

If you truly want to stand out, it is important that you do not opt for a basic stand, but instead select one that is customised around your company and its special set of products or solutions.

A custom stand created using original designs has a much better opportunity of creating interest in your business.

  • Step One: The first phase in the design of a custom stand is really to get a brief. This will outline your Unique Selling Point (USP), details on the features and benefits of your products or solutions and basic information regarding your business. Set out what you want to achieve; be that raising brand awareness, networking, showcasing a new product, or making sales
  • Step Two: Make the most of your exhibition space to deliver maximum visual impact, attract the eye, and draw attendees to you
  • Step Three: Make sure that your stand not only looks fantastic, but that it also incentivises visitors to engage with your team.

Should you be interested in custom exhibition stands, there are several issues to consider.

Firstly these stands are usually more expensive than pre-manufactured kinds, so you have to be sure the solution you receive is worth the money you’ll be investing. However, a custom exhibition stand can generate higher levels of ROI and, if you go for a resusable option, actually work out cheaper over time.

Attendees at exhibitions will generally make an instant decision on your company from the original look of an exhibition stand, therefore it is essential that you put money into an expertly-designed and produced stand that’ll produce a lasting impression.

With a talented exhibition stand design team behind you – and an awareness of what it takes to achieve a successful exhibition experience – we’ll make your stand work for your business and your visitors.

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Exhibitions stand from Apex

One of the main advantages we offer clients with our exhibition stands design solutions is an assigned project manager to organise all components of your stand development.

From the initial stages the project manager will supply you with assistance, guidance and consider your ideas when preparing the layout and content.

Furthermore, our highly-skilled team does not just help with the design. They can also handle all of the official regulations, preparation and paperwork, and complete the exhibition stand construction. Working with you to confirm the final design and content.

The last thing that you want to do is stand at your display throughout the day with very little interest in your business, So, we help you to generate visitors and change these visitors into actual leads or sales. We use a range of methods to maximise your display.

If you get most of your clients through marketing events and exhibitions, it is crucial that your stand is of the best quality. A customised stand will add uniqueness to your company, and convey real professionalism.

Dynamic Design from Exhibition Stand Designers

It is possible to use our design staff to develop the concepts from scratch. Using our years of experience and ingenuity this approach will create a tradeshow presence which will achieve the benefits that you expect at the event. We will work with you to ensure that the stand is created correctly and that it reflects your company, marketing and information.

As soon as the designs have been finished you need to make sure that the layout is correctly assembled. Offering complete assistance and help from start to finish, we apply our knowledge to produce something that will be notable whilst also achieving your objectives.

We also understand that each event that you will attend may be distinct, and we reflect this in our designs, building a system that may be custom-made accordingly to suit various events and exhibits.

Among the primary benefits of a custom design is the fact that it is utterly unique, giving you the opportunity to try something different while also having a positive effect on your potential customers. Some items within your business might be unusual and a custom stand will provide you with the flexibility to include it in the display. Pre-designed stands are often rather rigid with space for storage, lighting or power points, but with a custom display, you are free to decide where these appear.

Apex offers you complete control over the design and build of an exhibitions stand and lets you get the most out of our expertise to create something striking. At Apex we can design, project manage and deliver incredibly powerful and proven successful exhibition display stands at very affordable prices.