The importance of effective design when creating bespoke exhibition stands

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Events and exhibitions attract lot of competing companies vying for visitor attention. So it is crucial that you make certain that your business isn’t ignored or discounted. The best way to do this is by combining bespoke exhibition stands with amazing design.

How to use design in bespoke exhibition stands

Making a fantastic first impression is an essential requirement of exhibition stands. Passers-by will normally scan your stand very fast and make a judgement regarding whether they would like to see more or not. Here are just some of the ways design can be used to help your organisation stand out from the crowd:

  • Colour, signage, and lights can be used to draw attendees to you
  • Large graphic displays and ceiling hung graphics help to provide that elusive ‘wow’ factor
  • On-stand technology can help you to catch the eye and create an engaging on stand experience
  • Serve food and drink to attract visitors to your exhibition stand
  • Create relaxing break out areas for tired delegates.

But remember, if your space is too cluttered visitors just won’t come in. As a result, when it comes to good design, the space you leave empty is just as important as the structures you include.

Apex creates and delivers award-winning modular and custom built exhibition stands that look fantastic and are created specifically around your objectives, whatever your budget.


Design and bespoke exhibition stands

A leading name in our field, at Apex we design and build bespoke exhibition stands.

We manage every component of producing exhibition stands from designing the layout through to project management and storage. An excellent exhibition stand will make a big difference to how clients perceive your business name and provide a fantastic chance to enhance brand recognition at trade fairs and events.

A great exhibition stand will include several essential components to ensure that clients not only invest their time throughout the event, but that they also keep your business in mind, and have a positive impression of it.

Apex helps you to attain this by combining our expertise in every part of exhibition design, building and management.

At Apex, our team of talented designers can integrate your entire brand portfolio in a 3D environment that is unique and visually engaging.

If you have your own designer or a design company working on the visual element of your exhibition stand then this is no trouble. We will work with your design services to assure that the execution of the exhibition stand is seamless.

Modern exhibition stands UK

A significant aim of creating an effective exhibition stand is to enhance visitor participation. Among the best methods to make your stand as engaging as possible is through the use of technology.

We use all kinds of technology including touch-screen displays, touch-screen games and apps, iPads and large high definition screens.

Easy digital games are a good means to engage visitors and produce a social experience at your stand.

Of course, not every budget allows this. But, where possible, you should aim to integrate technology into your stand as much as you can.

Apex can help businesses with building exhibition stands that make the most of most kinds of technology, including lighting designs.

Visitor retention is crucial for an exhibition stand

You don’t simply need clients to see it quickly and then leave. Instead, you want to create dialogues that lead to conversions and have a stand that keeps visitors.

At Apex, our strategic approach will guarantee that any visitors to your stand will stay there long enough to make a difference. We incorporate attributes and attractions in your stand to ensure that passers-by will be converted into visitors.

Enhancing visitor engagement through bespoke exhibition stands design

Besides supplying the layout and execution of bespoke exhibition stands, we are also capable of supplying professional task management.

In regards to getting the stand organised and looking its finest on the day of an event, it can require lots of work. We can help with this and supply these advantages to our customers:

  • Communicating with display organisers to discuss particulars
  • Ordering transportation, stand building and break down
  • Doing threat assessments and supplying any applicable health and safety precautions
  • Making preparations for useful solutions including food and beverages, broadband requirements and other electric requirements
  • Adding finishing touches to the stand once it has been built
  • Employing a Stand Manager and/or Technician to make sure everything runs smoothly

With years of expertise at Apex, we have worked at all the primary exhibition centres in Great Britain and many centres around the world.

Creating an effective display for your business at an exhibition demands your staff to be on the top of their game. This is the reason we supply a project management service which will reduce the strain of getting things set up and enable you and your staff to focus on running the stand and participating with visitors.

Apex is also happy to provide an entire service for creating and building exhibition stands that are second-to-none. Our team of gifted designers and experts can assist your company to create an exhibition stand that’ll stick out in the crowd in addition to helping with on the day management and storage after the trade show.

When you are searching for an expertly designed bespoke exhibition stands that are constructed to create a lasting impression, then Apex can help you at every phase of your project.

Contact Apex – a leading name in exhibition stands.