Outdoor Exhibition Stands. What do you need to know?

Last Modified: October 12, 2015 | Posted by: toast

Your outdoor exhibition stands have to be robust enough to stand up to changing weather conditions.  As such, high-quality durable material is a must. While, at the same time, your displays need to be designed with portability and ease of use in mind. So they need to be light enough to be moved, but strong enough to withstand gusts.

But, when it comes to creating an eye-catching exhibition stand, you’ll want more than just the reassurance that it won’t fall down! Your outdoor exhibition stands have to deliver the same level of experience your visitors expect inside the hall. You must give the right impression.

Things to consider when designing outdoor exhibition stands

  • Is the flooring suitable for outdoor exhibition stands and events?
  • How will you cope with bad weather?
  • Could an event marquee support your outdoor exhibition stand experience?
  • Do you need a mobile exhibition stand that you can transport to different events?
  • Do you want to incorporate technology and how will this work outdoors?
  • What signage do you need and how can you make it weatherproof?
  • How can you make sure that your booth stands out outdoors?
  • Have you got the appropriate insurance cover for a public exhibit outdoors?

When it comes to outdoor exhibitions and events, experience is everything. Exhibiting outdoors is vastly different to indoor shows and a failure to understand and account for this could be a disaster.

Luckily, thanks to our exhibition stand expertise, creating a fantastic outdoor exhibition stand is no problem for the team here at Apex. Making the location work to your advantage, we think beyond the booth. So, wherever and however you are exhibiting we design the right exhibition stand for you.

Apex creates and delivers award-winning modular and custom built exhibition stands that look fantastic and are created specifically around your objectives, whatever your budget.



Outdoor Exhibition Stands From Apex

Outdoor exhibition stands are just one of the products available at Apex. We specialise in helping businesses of all types and sizes to create fantastic display stands. The great advantage to using our exhibition stands is that they can often be packed away and used for future events while keeping costs as low as possible. That is clearly a huge advantage, particularly for firms with tight budgets.

Our exhibition stand designers can also create adaptable options which enable you to tailor your booth for outdoor or indoor exhibitions or trade shows. So you don’t have to invest further in having a stand rebuilt from scratch to suit the new event. You get a long-lasting stand which is suitable for indoor and outdoor events, which is well designed, and which gives a lasting impression for clients and visitors to the event.

Designing Outdoor Exhibition Stands

The layout of the stand is an essential component of effective stand design as, during a trade show or exhibition, there is lots for visitors to take in. You don’t want your stand to be too busy. Instead, you want to strike a balance between information and interactivity.

Furthermore, visitors are often bombarded with pictures and information from various businesses all vying for their attention. In order to stand out from the crowd you need to have a stand that is designed to capture and keep people’s attention. This can sometimes be difficult when the event is being hosted outdoors. But, at Apex, we have our own designers who are capable of ensuring that the stand is branded in ways that are eye-catching and appealing. We use many distinct layout components, including creative illumination techniques, to ensure your stand makes a lasting impression. Visitor retention and participation is an integral portion of all great outdoor exhibition stands.

Whilst a fantastic design will bring visitors to your stand, you should also keep them engaged and encourage them to contact you post-event. A great way to achieve this is through technology. Our exhibition stands can integrate a variety of technology including iPads, display screens and interactive games. By including features such as these it is possible to not only enhance visitor participation but also to create a social environment that produces an excellent impression of your brand. Monitor sizes can be chosen to suit your specific stand layout.

An integral advantage of using modular exhibition stands is they can be readily stowed and accommodated for future usage in distinct spaces. Because of their compact, lightweight design, our exhibition stands are ideal for simple transport, set up, packaging and storage.

Keeping Your Exhibition Stands

There’s always a large practical element to producing and utilising exhibition stands. So it’s not surprising that many firms will choose a functional, modular style.

Included in our support at Apex, we are able to help you with storing your exhibit stand as well as adapting it for future use as and when you need.

Each event you attend will provide you with an array of challenges and you may frequently need to change your exhibition stand to easily fit in differing spaces. We will be able to help you with this and make sure your stand is optimised for any specified occasion.

Having an incredibly adaptable stand is excellent for conserving cash and getting the greatest return on investment.

When running a stand at an exhibition, business owners are always aware of the many things that can go wrong. The easiest way to prevent any mishaps is through effective planning, communication and strong organisation. At Apex, we’ve got considerable expertise in working with businesses at all the leading exhibition centres in Great Britain and many centres across Europe. We will be able to help you with all facets of project management including communicating with the venue to make sure that you are conscious of any important details such as adverse weather, arrangements for opening and closing and accessing power supplies outdoors.

Apex is a leading business in the creation of outdoor exhibition stands and we are specialists in designing exceptional displays.